Ever wonder why people on your Facebook or Instagram feed have dogs on their faces? It’s called the puppy filter and it’s becoming an increasingly popular app. This new image and video based app change the game completely when it comes to real-time video and picture sharing on social media and in the digital marketing sector – it’s the must-have app for your business.


Snapchat is taking over the marketing world

Snapchat is a great way of showcasing your next big product or exciting news of your business. The image sharing application enables you to generate fresh content with pictures or upload a 10-second video within 24 hours. This application represents a huge opportunity for marketers and advertisers. It provides you with a platform to connect and interact with your audience in a fresh and authentic way.


Why you should include snapchat in your marketing strategy:

  • Brand awareness: Snapchat is an effective way to build exposure for your business and communicate your businesses values through “storytelling”. It brings your brand to life and provides your audience with unique content.
  • Transparency: this application allows you to build a solid reputation of trust and credibility between you and your audience. You can post behind the scenes footage from your business and show day-to-day activities in your business.
  • Adding value to your business: the key to adding value to your business is creating a strong marketing campaign. You can instantly provide real-time coverage of your events, sneak peeks of special offers or upcoming products or services and of course giveaways.


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