A great website design inevitably leads to more conversions and, most importantly, a customer who is very impressed and who might spread the word about what they have just experienced! With this in mind, here are a few new website design trends that you might want to use to your advantage going forward…

Age Responsive Design

Let’s face it – a man in his early sixties is going to want something different from your website than a female in her early twenties will. This is why age responsive web design is becoming such a useful tool in terms of convincing website visitors to convert or, at the very least, stay a little while longer! The easiest way in which to make the most of this trend is to use generation-specific images in your social media marketing and on landing pages to guide your group of your choice to specific offers that best suit their needs and preferences.

Skeleton Screens

What do most people want from a website? Exceptional graphics and fast loading times – which is actually a bit of a contradiction! Luckily, that’s where skeleton screens come in. Nobody wants to stare at a loading clock while they wait for a page to appear. A skeleton screen shows the ‘skeleton’ of the website as it loads, thus reducing impatience and increasing anticipation. Ultimately, they help to keep bounce rates to a minimum.

Animated Call to Actions

No matter what, your call to action should always be the star of your web page, which is why animated call to action buttons are all the rage right now. They grab and hold the attention of the visitor and therefore make it more likely for them to actually do what you’re hoping they will and CLICK.

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