Many times, people create a landing page in conjunction with their PPC campaign and end up receiving high conversion rates from the landing page for months or years. A well-optimised page with a clear call to action and value-adding information can provide value months after your paid Google campaign is over. But what happens when your conversion rates start to fall?

It’s time to update your landing page if you notice any of the following:

  • Your Competition Is Mimicking What You’re Doing

Digital marketers often do competitor analysis to get to the route of any problem. If your landing page performs well, then it’s possible that competitors in your industry have found it and have decided to copy what you’re doing. Conversion rates that have gone down suddenly can indicate that a competitor has plagiarised your content or that they’ve replicated your landing page in a few ways.

  • Your Customers Are Used to What You Have to Offer

It’s possible that your customers have become familiar with what your website (and landing page) has to offer, and they’re going elsewhere to find a better option. In this case, you should start checking out what your competitors are selling. Do they offer free shipping? Are there bulk discounts? Is their landing page more usable and visually appealing? Don’t simply mimic what they are doing. Rather, make a note about what you like and see how you can do it even better.


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