With new social media platforms, virtual reality and blockchain popping up, it can be tough to narrow down the digital marketing trends that you need to focus on. Here are the top trends that we think you should concentrate on:

  • Messaging Is a Must

Legendary internet marketer Neil Patel published an article that detailed how his Facebook Messenger campaigns saw 88% open rates and a 56% click-through rate. The impact of messaging on digital marketing is huge because Facebook Messenger has 1.3 billion users who are exchanging 2 billion messages per month. Besides Facebook Messenger, it’s also important to focus on website chats and other messaging options that form part of not only your marketing and sales approach but also your customer service process.

  • Micro Touchpoints with Customers

Thanks to wearables and mobile phones, brands are better able to take advantage of micro-moments with their target audience. Whether a person is creating a wish list on a company website, drafting a grocery store list on a mobile phone, or searching for a place to wine and dine, brands can tap into these moments and create timely interactions. Very few brands are correctly anticipating and addressing the micro-moment needs of their target audiences, which opens a lot of opportunities for companies who are willing to provide fast and easy information in this space.

  • Personalised Content

Content has always been a big part of any digital marketing campaign, but the way we write and distribute content is going to change. Personalised content that has been crafted for specific needs and audiences will take front and centre stage in 2018. But how do you go about creating content for each and every person? The key lies in having a dynamic website and an intelligent marketing automation strategy.

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