LinkedIn advertising is a type of social media marketing that most businesses should consider as part of their social media marketing strategy. It is one of the internet’s fastest growing networks, with an estimated membership of 467 million people at the end of last year. Here are the facts that you need to know:


  • How it works

LinkedIn is a straightforward, DIY online advertising solution that lets you create your own ads and target them according to job title, role in the company, industry, location, age, sex, employer and company size. You can even go so far as to target specific members within a specific LinkedIn Group. The good news is that ads will appear right at the top of the web page, as well as in more detail (text and an image) in the right sidebar, so you can be sure that they will be noticed!


  • The features

LinkedIn advertising boasts many special features that can help companies to reach their PPC goals and make the most of their budgets. These features include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • A campaign scheduling tool (so you can create campaigns and schedule them to start anytime in the future).
  • The ability to look at audience insights in an effort to improve your ads.
  • Visual reporting (which you can customise with the help of unique filters).


  • How much it costs

Like most online advertising and social media marketing platforms, LinkedIn advertising works on a CPC basis. The minimum amounts include the following:

  • $10 daily budget: Per campaign (about R130)
  • $10 total budget: Per campaign (also about R130, and an optional feature for Sponsored Content)
  • $2 minimum bid: For CPC or CPM (about R26)


If you are looking for assistance when it comes to mastering your LinkedIn advertising, and your social media marketing efforts in general, be sure to get in touch with the professional team at WSI OMS. With a specialisation in social media, content marketing, SEO, link building and more, we have what it takes to turn your business into a brand!

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