When looking at Facebook as one of the social media platforms where content is posted, your interactions (likes, shares and comments) can be an indication of how your content is resonating. But is it the sheer number of interactions that counts, or is it the specific number of shares that actually has an effect on the success of your content?

While some believe that Facebook shares are more powerful than Likes, the Like button is the quickest way for people to share content. A Like shows positive feedback and allows you to connect with things that matter to you, though some would argue that the Like option is the lazy choice, unlike commenting or sharing, where users need to spend some time writing about the post they are sharing. Whatever your opinion, Likes outnumber shares and comments, with users 8 times more likely to hit the Like button than the Share or Comment.

Interestingly, surveys in the United States have shown that by analysing the Likes of thousands of volunteers, the characteristics of the user could be determined with incredible accuracy. Demographic, gender and even sexual orientation can be determined, along with a person’s political leaning – indicating that Likes show a high correlation with content that resonates.

Marketers generally place more value on Facebook Shares than Likes, reasoning that sharing involves more commitment and will more likely be shown in News Feeds. Facebook states that:

“The goal of News Feed is to show you the stories that matter most to you. To do this, we use ranking to order stories based on how interesting we believe they are to you: specifically, whom you tend to interact with, and what kinds of content you tend to like and comment on.”

Shares and Likes are a critical part of a more complex picture about what appears and where in the News Feeds. Facebook uses many factors, including your privacy settings to ensure that what appears in News Feeds is relevant to you.

So whether you’re a Sharer or Liker, interaction with Facebook of any sort adds up to tell you that your content resonates with your audience. To find out more on using Facebook and other social media platforms to promote your content, contact us.  

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