February is an odd little month: it has neither 30 nor 31 days in it, it is often associated with love because Valentine’s Day falls in it. For many, it heralds financial year-end – anything but lovely! Drawing on this dichotomy, let’s look at “love” and “loathes” in the world of website design.

Website loathes

1.) Links that do not work give a careless and unprofessional impression: not only of your website but your organization. On top of which, if there is a link, there must be a reason for it and you do not want to miss the opportunity to share whatever the link leads to.

2.) Flashing graphics luckily seemed to have died a natural death. However, there are some who still insist on adding some pizazz with unnecessary animations. A well-designed website does not need such gimmicks.

3.) Click to enter websites should only be used a safety step is required for legal reasons (such as alcohol and gambling sites). Otherwise, it is a waste of your readers’ time, as they have clearly already selected your website.

Website loves

1.) A clean website design that is simple to navigate and easy on the eye is a sure way to direct your audience to the appropriate call to action.

2.) Brevity in the body of your web copy is sure to win readers over. A lengthy copy is more inclined to scare your readers away, while bite-sized chunks of information are easily consumed.

3.) Quick-loading elements within your website are essential. People are more impatient than ever and no matter how wonderful your video or imagery may be, no-one will see it if it takes too long to load.

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