Whether we like it or not, visitors to our site make subconscious decisions about our business within seconds of landing on the site. We have to keep that perception positive by staying abreast of trends. Web design is a fast moving and changing industry; trends come and go often. Right now, over twenty years into commercial websites, we are still fine-tuning many aspects and moving towards a perfect user experience. These are some of the latest web design trends we are seeing this year:


The navigation menu of a site seems to be the one thing designers agree is their biggest headache. It is a necessary element, but it is difficult to make it look good. Expect to see more inventive menus that will help optimise sites on all devices.


Some sites are going big on scrolling while others are eliminating it completely by having the entire content on screenshot.  While scrolling seems natural and enables reading of longer texts, it can be annoying and again, all devices need to be considered. It remains to be seen which will prevail.

Flat Design

Even Google has moved towards a flat design. (See the evolution of the Google logo: http://www.news18.com/news/tech/google-logo-history-evolution-of-the-iconic-google-logo-1997-2015-1065499.html.) Designers are choosing simple designs and fonts over glossy buttons, bevelled edges, gradients, dimensionality and serif fonts.

Stock Elements

Designers are moving away from the use of stock photography and other stock elements. The trouble with stock elements is that they can appear anywhere on the internet or in publishing and your individuality is compromised. Sites are tending towards taking their own lifestyle and product images or replacing the stock photos with custom illustrations instead. 65% of senior marketing executives believe that photos, video, illustrations and infographics are core to their brand communications.

In the dynamic space of the online world, change is the only constant. For assistance with the latest web design trends on your website and more, get in touch with leading global Internet marketing franchise.

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