Is your content marketing going stale? Then it’s time to look at new ways to generate content and topic ideas.

Many product and service companies generate vast amounts of data within their businesses. While this data is often used to improve business efficiency and sales, it can also be incorporated into your content marketing campaign. Consider the following ideas:

Share more information about your business with your followers

Many people find infographics and statistics very interesting. If you could create a unique infographic or content piece about the popularity of your products across the country, sales spikes and trends, many people would be interested.

If you check out the OK Cupid blog, you will see that they regularly post articles about dating trends, sociological patterns, race and attractions, and so forth. Not only are these types of insights illuminating for the brand, but their audience is also interested in this type of information, making it ideal to share. Your company will also benefit if the article gets picked up by the press and gets republished, thereby driving traffic to yourself.

Get the right content to the right people

If you use data from your call centre, you can pick up on common queries and problems, and generate content that addresses these challenges. One of the goals of content marketing is to remove barriers to buying your product, so if you are able to pick up on common issues and help people, then you’re taking a step in the right direction.

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