Customer service is essential to building good relationships with your customers. Simply thanking the customer and maintaining a positive, helpful and friendly environment will ensure they have a great impression of you. A happy customer is more likely to return, and increase spend.

In the digital age, social media is a highly effective channel for communication and customer support. With the customer becoming technologically savvy, social media is used increasingly to ask questions and express complaints or compliments. People use social to connect with businesses and businesses need to remain relevant by connecting with their customers.

Marketers can agree that ‘word-of-mouth marketing’ is extremely powerful. From good customer service one can expect a positive word amongst their customers. In our modern age, this concept can be understood as ‘social customer care’.

Many brands may come across as being well-versed in social marketing, but tend to overlook the important basics when it comes to social customer support. Social customer care is more than just social marketing. A brand’s best asset is the set of customers who are willing to evangelize the brand.

So, engage with the customer, get social with them, respond to their concerns, complaints and questions. Also, make the conversations public and show the world that you are the brand to do business with.

With effective customer support, you’re likely to have happier customers. To brands’ that have already embraced social media as a powerful customer service channel great stuff! To those that haven’t – read more on The rise of social media customer care

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