LinkedIn is one of the platforms available for use for your social media marketing. As the largest professional social networks with over 175 million active users, LinkedIn means business. In 2011, figures showed that 1.8 billion (yes, with a “b”) business leads were generated through LinkedIn.

Put Yourself Out There

One of the best methods of being noticed on LinkedIn is to post original content. This form of content marketing puts you in the hot seat for finding valuable prospects. With the efforts of creating engaging content  for LinkedIn Publisher, it makes sense that you expect a good ROI.

Post Overview

To get an overview of the posts you have published, select “Your Updates” from your LinkedIn home Profile menu. Select “Published” and you’ll see a grid of all your published posts. This is also where you can find your draft posts and publish them.

Check You Check Me

For a list of people that find you credible and probably consider you to be a thought leader in your field, select “Followers” from “Your Updates” page. These people receive notifications when you post an article. Send a connection request and a “thanks for reading” message to the profiles of your most followers.

From the “Your Updates” page, you can see the demographics of your readers by industry, job titles, location, and traffic source. These LinkedIn Publisher stats are accessed by selecting “View Stats”.

This gives you a good indication of whether your articles are reaching the right audience.


While you want to stay on top of trends and current topics, articles with long-term appeal can be shared over and over again. Evergreen content is an effective way to maximise the ROI of LinkedIn Publisher.

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