With over 20 000 blogs being posted on the Internet per day, there’s a lot of competition in getting your blog read. Since fewer than 25% of people don’t read beyond the headline, it’s amazing any blogs get read at all, but they do. So what is it that makes one person’s blog more interesting and readable than the next?

Anyone can write a blog (and do) but there are ways to improve your blog writing and to ensure it gets to the right audience. Changing your writing from acceptable to good, or from good to excellent, takes time and effort and there are both tips and tools to get you there.

Editing is vital for spotting mistakes and to ensure the blog is specific to your readers. You need to pay special attention to headlines, images, proofreading and social media. Here are some clever online tools to help you achieve superior writing skills:

  1. For headline help: 25 Headlines or KingSumo Headlines. Entering keywords about your blog will result in headline suggestions you can use or which will spark creativity.
  2. For editing assistance: Grammarly, Hemingway App, AtomicWriter or ProWriting Aid. These tools offer more than just checking your spelling and grammar – they can measure and adapt to your way of writing and for a specific audience. They can also check for plagiarism and offer suggestions for more diverse vocabulary.
  3. For images and gifs: Stocksnap.io, stokpic, Giphy or Pablo by Buffer. Images are crucial, whether they be in the form of illustrated graphs, cartoons, photographs or an embedded video. Pictures break up the text, making it easier to read and helping the reader to visualise your writing. Appropriate images can increase page views by over 90%. These tools are free and some have apps to edit your own pictures.
  4. Social media: AtomicInsights, Edgar, Social Media Calendar or Post Planner. These tools will help you increase your chances of exposure, by reminding you what to post, when to post, how often to post.
  5. For relevant content: Google Alert. Setting up an alert will ensure you get the content you are interested in, delivered directly to your inbox. You should aim to go through these daily, if possible, to stay on top of trends.
  6. For ideas and titles: Portent’s Content Idea Generator, HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator. By typing in keywords, suggestions will be generated to give you a way forward or to help with your creative thinking.
  7. To avoid distractions: Quabel, Write or Die. Both tools are to keep you focused and on track, they are customisable to help you write a blog of the correct length, desired reading time, etc. Write or Die is not for sissies – if you don’t meet your targets, alarms start to sound, spiders crawl all over your screen, or your words start disappearing.

If that all sounds too much like hard work, WSI can take care of it for you

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