Whoever came up with the whole ‘Christmas in July’ concept did us all a favour – the businesses that traditionally have had to face a dip in sales in the winter months and consumers who can look forward to a celebration in the middle of the year for a no real good reason – hopefully with a second lot of presents and more champagne. And ecommerce marketing is on top of it.

Christmas in July

The origins are obscure, many and predate the internet by almost a century. In the Southern Hemisphere it has been readily adopted, because we finally get to overindulge in winter clothes and experience a closer version to the snowy Christmas our northern neighbours enjoy – with just enough excess to drive out the chill.

But the fact is that few had ever heard of it until the advent of social media. As an online retailer, you need to position yourself to consider the aspects of human nature that helped Christmas in July become ‘a thing’ in the first place – our love of pure fun and need for an acceptable reason to spoil ourselves. This has made Christmas in July the only 100% non-religious, cheesy gift card, controversy and frenzy-free, pop sanctioned annual excuse for whipping out the credit card – and entering its details on a secure ecommerce site with convenient delivery services while most of us are working.

 Fun and festive marketing

Pre-prepare your social media marketing strategy: One person had a Christmas in July party, posted pics, complete with fake snow on the windows, and then everyone thought it was a great idea. Suddenly office parties were scheduled for July and ads came out all over the place for ‘Xmas in July’ events, discounts, sales, restaurant and accommodation specials and more…and more…

So hit them with your digital marketing on the very same platform – and in the same spirit. Fun and festive social media marketing on popular platforms such as Facebook and Twitter is the best way to spread news about anything associated with fun – the extra marketing posts, tweets and other techniques that tie in with them will be welcomed in context.

Timely SEO with plenty of content

Position yourself for searches on Christmas in July Specials with timely SEO on your website – including sufficient content creation and blog posts that algorithmically link your ecommerce site with what people are searching for – before they start looking.

Digital marketing based on analytics and trends

Your digital marketing strategy needs to be on Search analytics and observance of what’s trending – what people talk about, search for, like and want…and finally have a good excuse to spend some guilt-free money on.

Your ecommerce marketing specialists follow online conversation and behaviour – they know all of the above in addition to who your competitors are and how to reach your customers. We can help you prepare an ecommerce strategy to make the most of Christmas in July and other annual spending peaks.

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