For most businesses, there is no busier time than the December festive season! The question is, how do you go about making the most of this time when it comes to your email marketing efforts? We investigate below.

  • Sort Your Email Marketing List 

Email marketing success is achieved when you can approach your customers with a more personalised tone. Knowing this, it helps to sort your list of contacts so that you can approach them with news and specials most relevant to their needs, thus increasing the chances of a conversion these December holidays. Think ‘big spenders’, ‘wish listers’ and ‘those who have recently made a purchase’, for example.

  • Get into The Spirit 

Who doesn’t love the holidays? Don’t be afraid to reinvent your email structure and design to reflect the season even if it feels as though you’re being corny. Most shoppers will love it! Bonus points if you can work in a bit of nostalgia marketing, too.

  • Learn from Last Year 

Look at the numbers from last year’s holiday email marketing campaign. Which products received the most attention? Which subject lines got the most response? Which contacts seemed to engage the most? All this info will help you to make this year’s campaign an even greater success.

  • Don’t Bombard Your Subscribers 

Instead of sending a number of emails throughout the festive season, send one or two impressive ones. Spamming your contacts is never going to elicit a good response!

Feeling slightly overwhelmed? Don’t stress. There’s still time to perfect your email marketing campaign this December with the help of the team at WSI OMS! Get in touch with us today for digital marketing advice and know-how that you can trust.

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