You can’t kick-start any social media marketing strategy with guidelines, rules and regulations for the people who will be posting on behalf of your company. Whether you’re new to the social media marketing ball game or you’ve been tweeting up a storm for a while, make sure you aren’t engaging in these common no-no’s on Twitter:

Upsetting people

Sure, a controversial tweet will get more engagement than something dull, but do you really want your brand to be associated with a topic that upsets a lot of people in your industry? Establish what topics are off-limits for your Twitter profile. While everyone wants to be able to give their two cents on newsworthy topics, it’s best to stay away from something that can cause a huge uproar and embarrassment for your company.

Have a personality, but don’t have zero focus

Some brands, such as the @rbjacobs personality from the FNB Twitter account, know how to craft a well-rounded online persona. It’s great to add personality to your Twitter account (after all, you don’t want to be seen as a boring PR profile), but this doesn’t mean you can just post anything without have a clear goal. Don’t let employees update pictures of their lunch or the online games they are playing – for example. This shows that your Twitter personality lacks focus and that you’re just tweeting anything that comes to mind.

Getting involved in negative conversations

One of the reasons why you’re on Twitter is so that your customers and potential customers can engage with you online. It’s easy for a customer to complain on social media – and it’s important that you answer the complaint. Try to take the issue to e-mail or a telephone call as soon as possible (this avoids unnecessarily long, negative conversations around your brand on Twitter).

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