Whether you’re a new start-up owner, an employee, a sales person or a student, showcasing your thought leadership can be a catalyst to achieving your goals. LinkedIn is a great way to share knowledge and connect with other thought leaders in the industry. Using LinkedIn long posts is also a good way to be seen as an influential thinker in the industries that matter to you.

What is a LinkedIn long post?

Long-form posts on LinkedIn are possible thanks to LinkedIn’s publishing platforms that allow members to share longer posts (as opposed to short one-liner commentary) about their expertise. These posts allow you to give commentary, highlight your knowledge and share more information than the normal snippets that you would generally find on other social media platforms like Twitter or even Facebook.

What is a thought leader?

I often tell people that you don’t have to receive industry awards or be the CEO of a company to be seen as a thought leader. Everyone has opinions and if you’re working in a specific field, chances are you have valuable information to share. A thought leader is basically a go-to person in a specific area of expertise.

Example of a LinkedIn long post showing thought leadership

I’m currently working with BESTSAPCBI and I’m impressed by the thought leadership their team shows in real life at conferences and industry events as well as the effort they put into sharing this knowledge with the wider online community. The Managing Director of BESTSACBI, Henry Curtis, recently published an informative LinkedIn Long Post about why SAP vendors should reconcile their statements. Henry used LinkedIn’s publishing platform to explain the benefits of SAP’s vendor reconciliation process, which will help their business as well as their vendors’ businesses.

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