With so many tools at one’s disposal when it comes to social media marketing, the platforms themselves need to be constantly evolving to live up to users’ expectations and desire for new, exciting features. Luckily, Twitter very rarely disappoints when it comes to this! The brains behind the operation have recently announced that we can look forward to a brand-new feature. Learn all about it below:

  • The “Save for Later” 

Up until now, if a user wanted to ‘bookmark’ a certain tweet to revisit at a later stage, he or she had the following options:

  • Direct Message the tweet to themselves,
  • like the tweet, and/or
  • retweet it.

According to experts, there has been a massive demand for a new bookmark feature that takes the effort out of saving those favourite tweets. The good news is that the professionals at Twitter have taken heed and will soon be releasing the “Save for Later” Twitter bookmarking tool, making it easy for users to keep their favourite tweets in a handy, easily accessible archive.

  • What They Had to Say 

Twitter Associate Product Manager, Jesar Shah, has said that the team is actively working on the prototype of the feature (they have even released a video detailing how it may work). She also hinted that, because the most demand for such a feature came from Twitter users in Japan, that it may be released there first. No doubt that the feature will make Twitter more appealing to users, as well as to social media marketing professionals, far and wide!

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