Internet users are pretty much obsessed with functionality. As social media people who are always on our computers and tablets, we jump in and out of websites and sometimes we want to keep in touch with some. Google Reader has been ideal for this type of user and with the announcement that it will no longer be available, the consumer with his or her hands in several of the proverbial internet site cookie jars is faced with slightly depressing news.

Now that this fan favourite is stepping down, people are looking for something just as good and user friendly to get in on. A number of free and paid readers are stepping up to the plate to scoop up the vast amount of desperate former Google Reader users.

The forerunning alternatives to Google Reader

Feedly is leading the bunch as a free alternative that most people seem to be turning to, because of its crisp design and extremely easy-to-use one-click import.  AOL has also just launched an RSS reader. Not among the most favourable of sites but struggling to stay relevant, the AOL reader has at least managed to deliver a fast, simple and minimalistic design. Digg reader is also a good alternative as one of its features includes being able to migrate your feeds and folders from Google Reader, just like Feedly. It has Jump to view options for your unread items and you can share your saved feed or ‘Diggs’ online. Other alternatives include The Old Reader, Curata Reader and paid alternatives like Newsblur and Feedbin.

Even with the demise of Google Reader, your clients still want to keep you on-hand. When a potential customer stumbles upon your site or especially, your blog and finds it interesting, these will be the platforms that will allow full 24/7 connection with them. Readers have made it easier for people to keep tabs on their favourite sites, and thanks to these alternatives, they will continue doing so.

Make sure your site capitalises on the RSS Readers by keeping it fresh, attractive and engaging all the time. Use your social media to be a consumer favourite and keep the attention of your clients. For more information on social media marketing, contact WSI today.