A landing page is a webpage on which internet users “land” as part of a single digital marketing goal. Because these specialized pages are laser-focused on a specific objective, they are standalone pages which cannot be opened through global navigation. Instead, they are accessed using a link that you provide in your marketing content.

Landing page elements 

Landing pages are designed to navigate your readers along your planned conversion path. As such, they require various elements to best increase your conversion rates:

  1. Top of the list is a non-element. Bearing in mind that a landing page is dedicated to one aim, all distractions such as additional navigation must be excluded from the design of your landing page.
  2. A headline which is enticing and which also matches the reason that your audience clicked through in the first place.
  3. A brief but comprehensive explanation of why your offer fulfills the needs of your readers. A great method to combine brevity and thoroughness is by using a video. Alternatively, an impactful image and a bulleted list citing the benefits of your offer.
  4. Testimonials and other social proofing methods to bolster your reputation can enhance your conversion rates.
  5. One call-to-action is the final step in achieving your goal. If the purpose of your landing page is to generate leads by capturing their email addresses, you will need a subscription form of sorts as part of your CTA. If your landing page is meant to coax potential customers down the sales funnel, you may need a shopping cart or checkout as part of your call to action.

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