Email marketing is a very effective tool to get the word out there about your product, service or company. It can yield very high results, allowing for easy conversions and ultimately, good sales. But since just about everyone is using email marketing, it’s vital not to make the common mistakes that businesses are making over and over – give your email marketing a strategy and some serious thought and try to avoid these traps:

  1. Don’t disappear after the first welcome email. When you get a new subscriber, you may be concerned about overwhelming them with too many emails and pushing them away, but sending no emails can have a detrimental effect too. You don’t want to spam your new subscribers, but remember they signed up for a reason – they are interested in what you have to offer. Regular scheduled emails with blog posts, special offers, tips or useful content will keep your subscribers engaged.
  2. Don’t panic if people unsubscribe. A lot of people subscribe for the wrong reasons, or perhaps to take advantage of a sign up special offer, never to be seen again. While it can be depressing to see unsubscribes, ultimately, unsuitable subscribers will save you time and effort by leaving your space. Focus instead on the ones you do have, by sending them the kind of content they can use.
  3. Don’t overload your emails. An email with lots of links to websites, content or special offers runs the risk of being deleted without being read. People receive many emails every day and don’t always have the time to read everything and click through to the various links, even if they are interested. Your email may get moved into a folder to be read later (i.e. never) or deleted out of desperation to clear the inbox. Keep your emails to-the-point, with one clear call to action: read this great blog / take up this special offer / click here to complete the survey.
  4. Don’t be dull. With limited time to go through emails, subscribers are most likely to ditch dull emails. Your products or service may not be the most fun-filled experience of a lifetime, but you can try to keep your emails light, with a bit of humour if possible. If that’s just not possible (like if your service is divorce counselling), try to add some of your personality, or emotion to reach out to your subscribers.
  5. Don’t exclude the mobile market. Fast overtaking the desktop and laptop, mobile and tablets are being used to open emails, so ensure your emails will be displayed correctly, with full functionality of the call-to-action buttons or links. Another reason to keep your email short and simple; they must be easy to read and navigate.

It’s not a good idea to ignore your email marketing strategy, or worse, not have one at all. Think about what you are trying to achieve with your email marketing and how that ties back to the goals of your business. If you would like to find out more about email marketing and how it can boost your business, contact us today.

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