Location marketing is revolutionary. Businesses today understand that they must work hard to win new customers. The old way of doing this was to call for the attention of potential clients either through advertising boards, or newspaper and television adverts. The problem with much of that promotional activity was that marketers did not know whose attention they were getting, whether they were being listened to, or even if they were being heard.

Marketing dreams are made of this

Wouldn’t it be useful if there was a way of speaking to just those who have expressed an interest in what you offer? Or to have your promotions and advertisements updated situationally?

Enter LBM

Of course, the marketing world had to create an in-house abbreviation with LBM standing for Location Based Marketing. Technology gives you direct access to your clients enabling you to engage in a more conversational fashion, sensitive to their physical position and purchasing preferences.

GPS-enabled technologies like a beacon, geo-targeting, and geo-fencing give consumers what they want, when they want it, and where they want it.

By encouraging users to interact with your brand through advanced location-based mobile technologies, you can enhance your customer knowledge and expand their knowledge of your brand. Creating a personalized customer experience builds relationships while offering location-based specials increase impulse buys and therefore improve your sales. In fact, 57% of smartphones users want businesses to send them location-based offers.

Location-based marketing technology is one of the most influential means of interacting with customers who check in using social media. Utilizing location-based channels to offer limited-time deals or to share handy information is a powerful way to maintain customer engagement.

Whether you are new to the world of digital marketing or simply want to improve your results, using cutting-edge, and measurable digital marketing solutions will increase your exposure, brand awareness, leads, and sales. For more information on location marketing, please contact the WSI team today.

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