The speed at which the digital and technological world is moving is scary, so it’s not really surprising that website design has had to change quite rapidly too. Looking at websites from just eight years ago show startling age, but let’s look at what trends have changed.

  1. Design

The table layouts, flash and 3D animations of 2008 are long gone, with the confusing fonts, multiple colour palettes, cheesy images and heavy text. Today’s websites are designed with minimalism, flat design and playful interfaces, all aimed at giving a better user experience. Bad navigation is no longer forgivable, with users having shorter attention spans than ever.

  1. Functionality

Previously, websites served as little more than online business cards, with limited information. Back in 2008, online sales were small, so functionality was at best, basic. Much more sophistication is required to cater to the online market of today, with customers expecting sales support, video support and online chat. Poor website performance can result in visitors abandoning sites, which leads to a loss of conversion opportunities and sales. Optimising a site to meet customers’ needs is vital to business success.

  1. Mobile responsive

Before smart phones became so pervasive, there was little need for mobile responsive sites. With more people using their mobile devices than desktops, a website needs to be fully functional, regardless of device. Studies have shown that mobile internet users are more likely to take action than the desk-bound ones, especially with local searches.

  1. Personalisation

Websites of today will adapt the content on the screen depending on the audience, device, previous interactions and location, making the experience very personal. Using buying history, or even just search history, allows a company to build loyalty and trust with their customers, who feel a closer connection through the personalisation.

Website design has become more complex, with a need for constant tweaking and refinement. If you think your website needs a revamp, or if you want to start from scratch, give us a call. We’re on top of the trends, so can help you create a site that keeps up with the times.

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