A mobile-friendly website is an essential for all those business owners who wish to succeed in the world of digital marketing, therefore, mobile optimization must be a top priority. To get you started towards a responsive and adaptable online presence, here are some useful tips to keep in mind:

  1. Keep it Simple 

Since mobile devices have smaller screens, bombarding your website visitors with copious amounts of text and large image files which take ages to download probably isn’t the best course of action. Instead, keep all content simple and to the point (you can always include expandable content for those who wish to continue reading) and stick to smaller-sized images.

  1. Keep Branding the Same 

Your mobile site should resemble your desktop site in every way possible: keep all the fonts, images and text similar, if not entirely the same. You want your visitors to experience a sense of familiarity and loyalty every time they land on one of your web pages – regardless of the device that they are using to browse.

  1. Ensure Easy Navigation 

Make sure that the tiles of your navigation bar are a good size and easy to click on, and be certain that mobile users can navigate effortlessly on your site.

To ensure that your website is fully responsive and that your mobile marketing is up to scratch, get in touch with the professionals for assistance: contact WSI OMS. With experience in both web design and mobile optimization, we will help you to increase your reach, improve your bottom line and, most importantly, keep all your customers happy!

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