Statistics: More video search than normal search

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Internet users in the USA watched 32.4 billion videos in January 2010 according to a release from ComScore. The total search volume for January 2010 was 23.1 billion according to another study that ComScore has done. These reports show that there are 53% more video views than online searches for information.  Scary? everyone’s favourite tube – YouTube was the most dominant online video website with 12.7 billion videos watched by residents in the USA in January 2010. An average YouTube viewer watches about 93.4 videos and this statistic shows a steady increase of 50% of over a year ago. The top online video sites: YouTube 12.8 billion videos Hulu 903 million videos Microsoft 492 million Yahoo 435 million Google – also everyone’s favourite is the dominant search engine with 65.5% share of the USA core searches. The core searches consist of searches done on the top 5 search engines. Other popular websites such as YouTube, Ebay and Craigslist account for 35% of searches. Top search engines Google 9.5 billion searches Yahoo 2.4 billion searches Bing / MSN 1.7 billion searches Ask 0.5 billion searches AOL 0.4 billion searches  Please follow and like...

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Social Media Marketing – Promoting your YouTube Videos

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With millions of videos posted on YouTube everyday it’s increasingly becoming tough to get videos noticed. The main question is – How do you attract viewers to your YouTube videos to create more potential customers for your business? Here I discuss some of the ways your videos can get noticed on YouTube. Great content – You should always post a video that offers some distinct value. Avoid posting lousy videos as these bore viewers. Your content should be informing, entertaining and educating. Target your content – The more targeted your videos are the faster they are likely to find an audience. When you niche target your videos you can easily promote them via YouTube’s community features. Optimize your tags – Your video tags should include a combination of both generic and specific keywords. In this way you can attract viewers that are just browsing or those looking at your specific topic. Write a compelling title – The title of your video is crucial to attracting viewers. Not only is your title searched by YouTube when viewers submit queries, it’s also how most viewers determine what your video is about. Pick the best thumbnail image – The best thumbnails are clear, not blurry and have a dominant subject.  You can also stand out from other listings with a brightly colored or high contrast image. Please follow and like...

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Use Content communities to increase your visibility

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Content communities are similar to social networks. On certain content communities once you have registered, you get a home page that you can can customize. On these content communities you can make connections with friends and people who shares the same interest as you. However, content communities are focused on sharing a particular type of content. Flickr Flickr is based around the sharing of photos and is the most popular service of its kind. Members can upload their photos to the Flickr website and choose whether to make them public so that everyone can view them or they can just share it with friends and family that belongs to their network. Thousands of groups have formed on Flickr around common interest. You can find groups dedicated to particular graffiti artists, towns, sports and animals. If you work for a well-known brand it is worth taking a look to see if there is a Flickr group about it. There are groups for motorbike brands, music groups, consumer electronic brands, etc. Flickr was bought by Yahoo! in 2005 for an estimated US $30 million. YouTube YouTube is the world’s largest video sharing network with over 100 million videos viewed every day. Members of YouTube can upload videos to share and even create their own channel of favourite videos. YouTube has a feature that makes it easy for users to share videos by simply “cut and paste” code from the YouTube website to their blogs and websites. That means that you can display YouTube videos on your website without hosting any of the videos. You can find thousands of short films from people’s own camera phones, video cameras and even webcams on YouTube. There’s even clips from TV shows and movies hosted on the service. Some people use YouTube to record video blogs better know as “Vlogs”. Google bought YouTube for $1.65 billion in October 2006. Digg Digg is a news and content community. Members can submit links to news stories that they think will be of interest to other members. If other members find interest in the news stories, they can vote for the link submitted by you. Once a story has gained a critical number of votes it will be moved to the front page of Digg where it will receive wider attention from members as well as more casual visitors to the site. This can increase traffic to your website or blog tremendously. Digg claims to get around 20 million unique visitors every month Folksonomies Content communities often displays characteristics of what are known as folksonomies. This term refers to the way that information is organized. In a folksonomy the information or content is “tagged” with one word descriptions....

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Blog Action Day – Climate change

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Today’s exciting blog post will be on the topic started by the Blog Action Day campaign “Climate Change”.  Well I first saw the advertisement of this trend a couple of weeks ago. Blog Action Day is an annual event that unites the world’s bloggers in posting about the same issue on the same day on their own blogs with the aim of sparking discussion around an issue of global importance.   Rather than promoting the title “Climate Change”, I’ll be promoting Blog Action Day so that I can get you to join in on this trendy topic today. Register at to take part in this. If you want more information regarding the Blog Action Day, view the YouTube video below. [youtube]3CnIJ19EVMo[/youtube] Just before I started this post, Blog Action Day had 8009 registered bloggers posting about it on their blogs.  Register and the count will go up.  It’s for a good cause. Please follow and like...

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Personalizing Your YouTube Channel To Promote Your Business

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YouTube is a video sharing site that gives its users the ability to upload and view videos online. The obvious benefit of using YouTube is that videos have the potential of becoming viral, getting passed from website to website, e-mail to e-mail or even from one blog to the next. According to Nielsen/NetRating, YouTube consistently ranks in the top 10 of all websites; therefore having a well optimized and personalized channel on YouTube can give you incomparable exposure for your products and services on the internet. What is a YouTube Channel? In simple terms a channel is a name for a user’s profile which other users can access to see which videos you have uploaded, subscribe to your videos and see which your favorite are. The obvious benefit of using a channel is that it can be personalized to reflect the personality of your products and services. Here is how you can personalize your channel; Channel Info – Here you can enter your title and description for your channel page. Personalizing this section can help you optimize your videos so that they get found when people search for related videos. Channel Design – this is where you can change the look and feel of your channel. You can select a color scheme that suits your products and services that you are trying to promote. Personal Info – This section lets you enter personal information to be displayed on your channel. You can use this section to provide information about the products and services you are trying to promote. Location Info – This is where you enter the location of your business. It is essential to also enter your ZIP codes. Vlog (Video Blog) – Lastly you can also create a personal video journal that will be accessible to anyone visiting your channel. Please follow and like...

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