Reduce, Reuse, Recycle with Facebook Retargeting

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Have you ever visited a website to look for a particular product or service, and then later – on a completely different site – noticed an advertisement for the website you were on before? Freaky, right? Not really! Even in the world of digital marketing, you can reduce your effort, reuse what you already know about your leads, and recycle your message. A recent study determined that Facebook ad clicks are increasing by 70% year on year; and ad click-through rate

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Why Snapchat is the next big thing in digital marketing

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Ever wonder why people on your Facebook or Instagram feed have dogs on their faces? It’s called the puppy filter and it’s becoming an increasingly popular app. This new image and video based app change the game completely when it comes to real-time video and picture sharing on social media and in the digital marketing sector – it’s the must-have app for your business.   Snapchat is taking over the marketing world Snapchat is a great way of showcasin

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How to attract more people to your website:

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Getting more eyeballs to your website needs to be on top of your ‘to-do-list’. Your main goal should be to intrigue your customers with fresh, new and out-of-this-world content.  Look at these easy ways to attract more people to take note of your website:  How to attract more people?Attracting more people to your site may look hard but it’s not at all – think of your website as being the ultimate user-friendly site for all your customers: you m

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How to improve your web content

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With the digital marketing world becoming massively competitive and driven daily by content, the mindset is that well-written content generate a lot of website traffic. Unfortunately, this is not always the case: the reality is that competitors are doing the exact same thing.  Businesses are guilty of providing their audience with low-quality content that is neither informative nor conducive to building trust and credibility with their clients.   Research is y

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Why having a digital marketing strategy is so important:

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Having a digital marketing strategy is vital for your business: it shows you have a clear indication of where you see your business, it also indicates ways you can improve its social online presence. Having a digital marketing strategy can soon have a positive effect on your business.   What is a digital marketing strategy? A digital marketing strategy helps you strategize where exactly your business can feature. It can also assist you to improve your online pr

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