Klout moments to measure social media influence

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Klout is a social media tool that you can use to view someone’s social media influence, but it was very limited in my opinion on the methods they use to measure this. A couple of weeks ago they have drastically changed how they measure influence by including +K, Wikipedia entries, and LinkedIn titles. It’s strange that they haven’t used the +K to measure previously. Another recent change that they have added on their measurement metrics is called

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8 things you need to know about social media in South Africa

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With the ever increasing popularity and use of Social Media technology by many forward thinking companies in South Africa and many of our WSI clients I thought that the following article would be fitting. This interesting article from Memburn has some valid points which I would like to share with you.  8 things you need to know about social media in South Africa By Stuart Thomas: Senior reporter   Social media in emerging markets is in a healthier place

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Ignoring social media for your business

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Did you know that one of the worst things you can do on the social web is ignoring the conversation taking place about your business or brand? Even if the conversation is positive and puts your business in a good light, acknowledging these comments can also help. What if people are complaining about your business? Do you want to know what they are saying? Any business that’s ignoring customer complaints are basically telling their customers that they really do

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Twitter dumps LinkedIn… and Instagram is next

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In the past, we could update our LinkedIn profiles via our Twitter accounts by simply linking the two accounts and including a LinkedIn hashtag at the end of our tweets. Last month, Twitter put a stop to that, forcing users to go to Twitter to see and interact with tweets. While many people were unhappy about this new development, it doesn’t look like Twitter is backing down. Towards the end of July, Twitter started to disable the ability of Instagram users to fin

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Writing tweets that make people take specific actions

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Copywriting is more than coming up with slogans and writing 800-word press releases – in today’s day and age, you’re probably going to be doing a bunch of more untraditional things, such as writing tweets, text messages and banner ads, for example. There are so many different news sites publishing their content on Twitter, but some of them have hundreds and thousands of followers while others only have a few hundred. The way these accounts write their tweets d

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