Managing Your Instagram Community With Great UGC

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Social media platforms such as Instagram have a unique community culture. Actively understanding and participating in this community takes time and effort. If you consider Instagram a focus-platform for your 2020 marketing strategy, here are some statistics to support that choice: 95 million posts are shared on Instagram every day 1 billion people use the platform every month 500 million people use Instagram Stories daily 63% of users log in at least once a day 28 minutes is the average time users will spend on the platform every day 18 to 34-year olds are the most active age group. There is one Instagram strategy that brands seem to be using above all others, and that is the implementation of user-generated content (UGC).  What Is User-Generated Content (UGC)? User-generated content is the sharing of user’s photos in your social media or other platform campaigns. Once you identify potential content, you will reach out to the owner and ask them if they would like to participate in your campaign. Campaigns might include photo contests with give aways and product or company reviews. Getting people to tag their friends, through your call-to-action (CTA), seems to drive the largest Instagram follower growth in the shortest period.   Why Is User-Generated Content (UGC) Important for Your Brand? Providing content that your audience loves will build a vibrant, engaged community.  If Millennials, with their growing purchasing power, are your target market, user-generated content might result in sales as they trust user-generated content more than other types of media. The reason? The creator of user-generated content has no ulterior motive other than to add to the digital conversation. So, the lesson is to be authentic in everything you do.    What Is the Start of Your User-Generated Content (UGC) Campaign? The start of your campaign is deciding what you want all user content to ‘say’ about your brand, product or company culture. Consider these questions:  What makes your brand or product unique? What makes your company culture unique? How do you want others to see your brand or product? What might people not know about your brand or product? What compelling stories must your chosen users tell? What is the most beautiful and engaging way to present your brand or product? Now you can start searching for great user content either by hosting social media contests (with give aways) or actively seeking users through hashtags or social media tools.  WSI OMS in South Africa will support you and your business if you consider Instagram a focus-platform for 2020. Contact us, and we will manage your Instagram community with you.  Please follow and like...

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3 Ways to Measure Influencer Success on Instagram

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You are already using social media optimisation services as content is regularly added to your social media profiles and website, and you are tracking and capitalising on traffic and visitor trends. Yet, you want to grow your exposure even further and are, therefore, considering using influencers to promote your product or service. But, how do you measure the success of an influencer? Especially now that Instagram is hiding ‘like’ counts from everyone except the account holder?  Instagram decided to hide the ‘like’ counts because they wanted to create a more welcoming environment where users feel comfortable expressing themselves.  They are already hiding ‘likes’ in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Italy, Japan, New Zealand and the United States, with South Africa no doubt on a future list. Here are 3 ways to measure influencer success on Instagram, without the ‘likes’: Measure Influencer Success With Verified Content Views Very few followers actually see the latest social post of any particular influencer, no matter what time of day the content is shared. To establish a credible measurement strategy that will overcome current and future platform changes, you should build your influencer plan around verified influencer content views.  Measure Influencer Success With Meaningful Engagement ‘Simple’ engagement will continue to be a measurement method as agencies, their clients and influencers have attributed value to this method for years. But you want meaningful engagements where comments are thoughtful and relevant, allowing followers to genuinely engage. To achieve meaningful engagement, the quality of your content is important.  Measure Influencer Success With Sales Conversion The best measure of influencer success is traceable sales conversion. The ability to directly drive sales and make direct attribution to influencer content is becoming routine as social referral to eCommerce sites has risen extensively. Social media platform add-to-cart capabilities is just one of the ways to measure the connection between content and conversion.   WSI OMS can guide you on the use of Instagram influencers if you want to grow your company’s social media presence. Contact us today to optimise your social media presence.   Please follow and like...

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Facebook Explores Social Selling With Video eCommerce

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According to Facebook, they have more than two billion users and more than 140 million businesses use their apps to connect with customers. Social selling via social media platforms such as Facebook is a growth opportunity for South African businesses.   Video eCommerce As part of its on-platform purchase option strategy, Facebook acquired a video commerce start-up. A modern twist on the original home shopping network, this video commerce business is focused on enabling users to make direct product purchases via videos being broadcast live. After all, everyone with a mobile phone watches videos.  On-Platform Purchasing Facebook has been building an on-platform cryptocurrency, aiming to facilitate fee-free fund transfers within its network. Once people are moving money around within the Facebook system, it will be so much easier for them to make on-platform purchases. Facebook is also expanding to Facebook Pay and WhatsApp Pay, with Instagram most probably the next platform for eCommerce expansion.   To expand its on-platform purchase options, Facebook also acquired an app with more than 2 million users, focused on the Indian marketplace, connecting sellers with customers through WhatsApp. Users in Thailand consider the use of live video a more effective way of presenting products and facilitating consumer queries in real-time. So, East Asian markets such as Thailand seem to be the next region for Facebook’s online shopping push.         Emerging Markets Emerging markets have billions of users, and if Facebook can expand the utility of its platforms into shopping and payments where users pay bills or use the platform as a bank, these everyday actions can become critical for Facebook. Potentially making Facebook an essential app for many users in emerging markets within Asia, South America and Africa, including South Africa.   WSI OMS can help your business expand its social selling abilities on various social media platforms, including Facebook. Create a personal, effective social media presence to engage with customers online. Contact us if you want to change your business with social selling. Please follow and like...

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8 Tips for Great Customer Service Using Social Media

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Social media can be used to improve customer service. It allows you to connect with customers on platforms where they spend their time. People are using social media platforms to engage with brands and, therefore, expect some level of customer service support via these platforms. Use these eight great tips to improve your customer service levels on social media.  Tip 1: Respond Faster Integrate customer service platforms to turn social media posts, messages and tweets into tickets. Give the highest priority to technical problems, complaints and product issues. Tip 2: Be Proactive Continue to build a relationship with your customers and send them regular updates of new offers, discounts, services, changes in pricing plans and other helpful information.  Tip 3: Personalise Services Don’t give generic responses. Make customer service interaction human and personable, not robotic and automated as if your customer is not worth making an effort.  Tip 4: Empathise With Customers Understand the customer’s purpose, detect their tone of voice and use the collated information to reply with empathy.   Tip 5: Don’t Always Auto-Respond A generic auto-response reduces the relationship built through personalisation. Rather, strive to create different auto-respond templates for common inquiries.  Tip 6: Keep to the Right Channel Be available to your customers on the right social media channels and address their needs appropriately. For example, on LinkedIn, your approach will be more professional than Facebook.  Tip 7:  Use a Different Channel Transfer social media conversations that might include sensitive customer information to other channels such as email or telephone. And, always maintain a helpful and friendly tone. Tip 8: Be Consistent Provide customers with the same quality customer service whether you are using social media, email or talking to them on the phone.  Accuracy and professionalism not only build, but also maintain good connections. WSI OMS’s social media package helps you craft meaningful content, create a buzz and connect with customers on the most relevant social media platforms. Contact us today and start a great customer service journey on social media.   Please follow and like...

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How to Use TikTok to Market Your Business

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Seemingly overnight, TikTok, the Chinese-owned video sharing social media app, has exploded to world-wide acclaim. The rapid rise of the video-themed social app has got even social media behemoths like Facebook and Instagram concerned, and fading upstarts like Snapchat scrambling for new ways to stay relevant.  For marketers, however, the TikTok explosion should only cause excitement. It presents a trendy new channel for your brand to connect with your customers and prospects. Here are a few TikTok statistics that show why the social app must catch your full attention as a marketer: Over 1 billion downloads, More monthly installs than Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat, and 500+ million global active monthly users. As you can see, you should be leveraging the TikTok opportunity to market your business. Here are three tips to make your task easier. 3 Tips for Marketing Your Brand on TikTok 1. Create Videos That Are Relevant to Your Business It sounds straightforward enough, but some creativity is needed if your videos are going to attract the attention of your audience on a platform that also has thousands of other trending videos.  If your product requires some assembly, a good idea will be to produce an assembly demo video. For their #GuacDance challenge, Mexican food-themed American restaurant chain, Chipotle leveraged the popularity of Dr. John’s ‘Guacamole Song’ by encouraging their customers to record and post videos of their avocado-themed dance moves. 2. Partner With Influencer As you grow your own following on TikTok, leverage the popularity of influencers to market your brand. Again the advice here is to do your research and create relevant content.  Importantly, make sure the influencer is a fit for your brand or product. If yours is a food business like Chipotle, then a popular chef will be a great influencer to partner with. Similarly, if you’re a sports apparel brand, then a sports star will be a perfect partner. 3. Be Consistent As with content marketing where you must aim to produce and share quality content on a regular basis, success on TikTok also depends on your consistency. Be consistent with the regularity with which you post videos as well as with the quality of the videos themselves. Ensuring you post high-quality videos regularly obviously raises questions of cost. But, you’re not going to do your brand any good by producing a good video that goes viral and then following up with a dud when your audience is all excited and ready to engage more. Establish a posting schedule and then stick to it. Keen on adding TikTok to your suite of social media marketing channels? WSI OMS has a team of social media marketing experts ready to use their global...

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