Get social and get selling with strategic social media marketing tips

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Everyone and their grandmother seem to have a smartphone these days. In fact, the scope of smartphone users is growing to include much older and much younger users than ever before and you know what that means for your business? It means that you have more social media marketing opportunities than ever before. If your business isn’t performing as you thought it would on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, then it’s time to

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How Pinterest can boost your blog referral traffic

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For social media marketing campaigns, there’s no beating the power of Pinterest for bloggers. Unlike Tweets and posts on Facebook or Google+, which have relatively short lives, Pinterest pins will be repinned over and over, some even being pinned years later. They continue to gain traction for months after they are originally pinned. Here are some tips to get long-term, solid traffic referral from Pinterest. When you get started, you’ll need to create about ten

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Pinterest gets GIF savvy

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A picture speaks a thousand words, but a moving picture is even better. 2013 saw GIF sets take the internet by storm as people used GIFs to animate everything from commenting on blogs to one-liners from their favourite films. Since the craze began, Tumblr has been the king of GIF sharing but up until now only source websites have been able to support GIFs, and no social networking platform, with the exception of Google+ has housed this pioneering and fun feature. As

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What you should know this week: Breaking news from Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter and more

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This has been a busy week on social media with news developments from all the major players. If you haven’t heard, Twitter listed yesterday after months of speculation. In case you haven’t been keeping up with developments in the digital marketing world, here are our top stories of the week: 1. Google Analytics ads a Speed Suggestions report Google is trying to speed up the internet, and they are taking it seriously. Google Analytics is now offering a sp

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Top tips to increase your social media presence on Pinterest

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As you may have noticed, Pinterest is fast becoming very popular with social media marketers and their target markets. A lot of people take to their online pin boards to pin and repin about food, exercise, fashion, furniture, stores and literally everything under the sun. They share recipes and clothing secrets and the best places to shop or the best service providers. The appeal to this social network is the easy pinning and the minimal wording – a picture is def

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