Boost Your Digital Marketing Strategy by Mastering the Art of AB Testing

Posted by on Jan 17, 2018 in Digital Media Marketing |

A solid approach to AB testing is sure to lead to a stand-out digital marketing strategy that is almost guaranteed to achieve the desired results for your brand. Not only does it allow you the opportunity to experiment with two different designs/approaches, but it also provides you with insight into what your target market is thinking, as well as what appeals to them most. Here’s what you need to know about successful AB testing within the online marketing realm. Timing is Important  AB testing cannot be completed over night. If you want to accumulate valuable, accurate data, you will need to run your tests for a certain period of time. The average time of each AB test should be between 2 and 4 weeks. Anything less than that and you probably won’t have enough data on hand in order to make the right decisions for your campaign. Along with the span of the test, you also need to know when to test. Seasonality can have a drastic effect on the results that you are able to generate. Therefore, avoid testing during a seasonal low unless you are also dealing with a high volume count. What Can I Use it For?  The great news is that AB testing doesn’t have to be reserved purely for design elements of a landing page or website – you can also utilise it to learn which sort of messaging appeals to your audience the most. You can AB test ads for your PPC advertising campaign, email marketing subject lines, social media marketing imagery and more. For those looking to partner up with an agency in an effort to further improve upon their digital marketing efforts, make the choice to get in touch with WSI OMS today. Please follow and like...

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Digital Marketing: Why Your Static Logo is No Longer Cutting it

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A couple of years ago, when it came to building your presence online, a creative, original, static logo was all that you needed to stand out from the crowd. Unfortunately, this is no longer the case. With the rise of animation and the demand for mobile-friendly websites, an old-school static logo simply isn’t going to cut it. Here’s what you need to know. Choose the Right Base Branding  In order to build something ‘cooler’, you will need a standard vector logo with both full colour and single colour versions. Remember to pay attention to the intricacies of your vector logo as it will form the base of all other versions of your logo going forward. Ensuring Responsiveness  If you are to leave your stamp on the digital marketing world, you will need to ensure that your logo is able to adapt according to the device that is being used to browse your website – whether it is a desktop, mobile phone or tablet – as well as the specific viewport. We recommend designing: A primary logo: This will be your full size logo. A secondary logo: Which will be ideal for use on your social media profiles and for use as an app icon. A tiny logo: Perfect for use as a small icon or favicon. Adding in Animated Elements  Finally, if you really want to ensure that you are keeping up with the times, you will also need to have an animated version of your logo designed. Keep it subtle – one moving element should do the trick! Are you looking for more helpful advice and guidance when it comes to meeting your online marketing goals? If so, the WSI OMS team is here to assist. As experts in all aspects of digital marketing, from web design to content marketing and more, we are the professionals you can count on to push your business forward. Contact us now to learn more. Please follow and like...

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Top Reasons Why Your Website isn’t Winning You Any New Customers

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In the world of online marketing, a great website design is everything! However, functionality and user-friendliness are just as important as visual appeal. Below, we look at the top reasons why your company’s website might not be winning you as many new clients as you had hoped it would. Too Much Promotional Content  Think about it – how much do people really care about the history of your brand or business? What they want to know is what you have to offer them…  Can you solve their problems? Communicate this in your content and you’re sure to boost sales! Remember to also focus more on results rather than on features when it comes to your social media and content marketing efforts. You’re Not Keeping Them Interested  You need to give them a reason to keep coming back – and what better way in which to do this than with the help of a blog? The key here is to keep updating it regularly. Not only will doing so provide your website visitors with valuable information, but it will help to improve your SEO and Google rankings in the long run, too. You Haven’t Optimised Your Web Design  An optimised website design will take into consideration the following factors: Seamless navigation around the site Strong, well-placed calls to action Good quality visuals to break up the content (just make sure that they don’t extend page loading times too much) Prominent, succinct testimonials For professional assistance when it comes to website design guaranteed to drive sales, be sure to get in touch with the digital marketing experts at WSI OMS. We look forward to helping you boost your business. Please follow and like...

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4 Tips for Crafting Content That Will Fascinate Your Audience

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Ultimately, if your content marketing efforts do not lead to interest and engagement from your audience, they are unlikely to do your overall digital marketing strategy any favours. Here are our top tips for ensuring success and crafting content guaranteed to fascinate your audience every single time: Facts Are Everything  Your audience is sure to react more strongly to content that presents them with facts and real data, as opposed to opinion-based posts. Research has also shown that content which contains visuals that appear scientific (such as pie charts, for example) garner a much greater response from readers. Throw in Some Quotes  It’s incredible how simply adding a quote to your content can make you seem like an instant authority in whatever it is that you are writing about. For best results, place the quote at the beginning of the content rather than hidden away somewhere in the middle. Tell Stories  Everyone loves a great story – they’re easy to relate to and keep you in suspense, especially if the story is a real-life story. Keep your readers engaged by injecting stories into your content, as opposed to simply making your point outright. Break Up the Content  Massive paragraphs of content can overwhelm readers, resulting in them skipping past and doing something else online instead. Break up your content with the help of sub-headings and you’re sure to keep them interested, boosting the chances of them sticking around to read the entire piece from start to finish. Want to know more about content marketing and on how to impress your target market? Call on the online marketing professionals at WSI OMS. Contact us today for information regarding our vast range of services from website design to social media marketing and everything in between. Please follow and like...

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The Twitterverse Awaits New Bookmarking Feature

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With so many tools at one’s disposal when it comes to social media marketing, the platforms themselves need to be constantly evolving to live up to users’ expectations and desire for new, exciting features. Luckily, Twitter very rarely disappoints when it comes to this! The brains behind the operation have recently announced that we can look forward to a brand-new feature. Learn all about it below: The “Save for Later”  Up until now, if a user wanted to ‘bookmark’ a certain tweet to revisit at a later stage, he or she had the following options: Direct Message the tweet to themselves, like the tweet, and/or retweet it. According to experts, there has been a massive demand for a new bookmark feature that takes the effort out of saving those favourite tweets. The good news is that the professionals at Twitter have taken heed and will soon be releasing the “Save for Later” Twitter bookmarking tool, making it easy for users to keep their favourite tweets in a handy, easily accessible archive. What They Had to Say  Twitter Associate Product Manager, Jesar Shah, has said that the team is actively working on the prototype of the feature (they have even released a video detailing how it may work). She also hinted that, because the most demand for such a feature came from Twitter users in Japan, that it may be released there first. No doubt that the feature will make Twitter more appealing to users, as well as to social media marketing professionals, far and wide! Looking for assistance with your online social media marketing and digital marketing efforts? Look no further than the online marketing and SEO experts at WSI OMS. Contact us today to find out how we can help you! Please follow and like...

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