Top Online Marketing Focus Points for 2011

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The optimization of your website for search engines and submission to search engines and directories should stay your number one priority in 2011 for internet marketing. By researching keywords your ideal customers might be using in connection with your products or services and writing content based on these keywords, you can further increase traffic to your website. Search engines love fresh and relevant content. Adding a blog to your website and writing regular articles is another way of adding fresh content on a regular basis. Link Building Link building is still the most effective way to increase your website’s popularity and with that your rankings in search engines search results. If you haven’t embarked on a link building campaign yet, start by exchanging links with other establishments and businesses. Our SEO packages, including article submissions to hundreds of article directories and blogs have also proven to establish a reputable amount of one-way links. Google Adwords Between 20 – 30% of visitors searching Google click on the first 3 adds, which are sponsored adds. That should be reason enough to convince you that Google Adwords are able to get you more targeted traffic. Google Places Google has changed a lot of things recently, but three of the most obvious changes are the introduction of Google Instant, Google Preview, and the fact that Google is promoting Google Places listings more, spreading them throughout organic search results. In some cases, we have seen over 100 visits per week to some businesses on Google Places listing. You can also post news on your Google Places listing and offer visitors one or more discount coupons. With that, we believe your business listing on Google Places should receive as much attention as your best directory listings. Conversion Optimisation Conversion optimisation ensures that all the efforts spend on getting visitors to your site will pay off by turning lookers into buyers. Landing pages that are linked to your Google or other online ads provide increased conversion rates by putting the call to action in front of the potential customer. Deliver on your bold promise Now that you went through all the effort to attract your ideal guests, it’s time to deliver on your bold promise portrayed on all your marketing material. Now you need to “wow” them with your service and experience, making sure that your guest’s stay will become a memory of a lifetime for all the good reasons. All your marketing efforts boil down to the one chance you have while your guests are staying with you, thus every single person involved in creating this experience is part of your marketing team. Reviews Your reviews are everywhere and it is hard to hide them....

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Internet Marketing: Need to know information

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So, you’ve decided to hire an internet marketing company. Congratulations! Before you kick back your heels and say “go do it” to your newly hired partners, though, here are a few things you’ll need to know about internet marketing. Change your website: You’ll have to change your web site. A lot. Search engine optimization will require changes to content, code and maybe your entire server infrastructure. Conversion optimization and testing will require tweaks to your site design. Make sure you’ve got access and resources to handle that. Social media is everywhere: You will end up on Facebook, and Twitter, and who knows where else. Get used to it. Branding: Your branding people will freak out. Lose their minds. Swallow their own tongues. Because your internet marketing firm is going to push things. In social media, nut cases win…. It’s true. Everyone is eccentric, one way or another. Some people sing to themselves all the time. Others clean their houses compulsively. I’m a wild biker type when not presenting myself professionally. I have a stamp on my desk that reads “Customers find them. AND KILL THEM.” There you have it. Test everything: Your assumptions will be challenged. A good internet marketing agency will want to test everything. They’ll add a big red ‘buy now’ button to the home page, or move navigation around, or tweak your e-mail marketing creative. Turnaround times: Turnaround times will shrink. Rapid iteration is the best way to win at internet marketing. Content is king: Someone’s gonna have to write. No content, no marketing. Period. Social media requires characters Sanity is boring. In social media, sanity is also fatal. If you want to stand out in social media, you can’t afford to be ‘low-key’ or ‘mainstream’. You can’t ‘have wide appeal’. You need to be a character. Just a teensy bit nuts. Loopy, in a friendly kind of way. Some people might even call it ‘passionate’. I’m not talking about being fake, or pretending you’re someone you’re not. You don’t need to fake craziness. You need to tap into your own personal form of craziness. You have one. There’s no way you don’t. You do something that makes people avoid eye contact and back away slowly. When you do that, you’re also tapping into whatever it is that makes you great at what you do. I’m a salesman with a yen for writing. Of course I went into marketing! Letting my inner Woody Allen out, just a little, makes writing this blog fun. It also attracts a certain kind of reader – the kind I like to talk to. It’s about getting crazy in a good way. Sort of like me right now. I’m typing like...

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How to plan your internet marketing strategy

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Internet marketing is the use of the web to advertise, promote and to sell products and services.  A strategic internet marketing plan is quite similar to a strategic business plan, just with a focused and narrower objective. In building your internet marketing plan, you need to think about how this fits into your business objectives and other traditional marketing strategies.  All these strategies should interrelate and work together for the best results. Find below the key elements that I always include in any internet marketing plan. Business plan Describe your company and your company history.  What are you long and short term overall objectives? What products or services do you sell? Marketing plan What targeted market do you compete in? List and describe your primary competitors along with their weaknesses and strengths.  Who are your targeted customers and on what overall basis do they make the final buying decision? What are your positioning, branding and pricing strategies? Internet marketing Based on your marketing plan, what are your online objectives in terms of lead generation, traffic, selling, warranty service or customer service? Develop your strategies around search engine marketing (SEM), email marketing, affiliate marketing, podcast marketing and blog marketing. Blog marketing Based on your targeted customer demographically, what informative and interesting content can you present to them to develop a strong readership? You can always use your blog to support your other online marketing strategies and marketing plans. Please follow and like...

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Content sharing is vital for internet marketing

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Online content that you publish is one of your most valuable assets on the web. By sharing your content online you can enhance your company’s brand, broadcast your message across the web and demonstrate your expertise to name but a few benefits. Did you know that you can allow the visitors of your website or blog to share your content with others? Why do you want to share your online content? By sharing the content found on your blog or website is quite different from someone taking your content without your permission and then brand it in their own name and re publishing it. By having simple content sharing tools such as social bookmarking buttons on your blog or website, your company’s byline and branding will remain intact with a link to the original content source – your website or blog. The most common way websites have been sharing content in the past is through an easy “email this” to a friend function on the content where you can click the email sharing button or link and the content or blog post can be emailed to anyone. By encouraging your readers to share your content with others is a really powerful way to drive targeted traffic to extend your brand and to drive traffic to your website or blog. Find below a couple of tips on sharing your online content. Search and register on content sharing Web 2.0 channels. There’s many free ones available. These systems provides easy ways to share your content with their members as well as to the search engines. If you own a blog, there’s many third-party plugins available for free that you can install that automatically places content sharing buttons (social bookmarking) on your blog posts with little or no modification from your side at all. Have a look at Add This and ShareThis that provides an easy way to add sharing buttons on your website or blog. Not all of your content will make sense to share. Content that you don’t want to share should not be on the internet (public view) open to anyone to read. If you don’t want people to have access to some of your content, keep these content items behind a restricted password section. Content worth sharing is anything that others can use and isn’t proprietary to your company, yourself but it has a more universal appeal. Create content that others will find useful. You can keep track of what content is shared the most from your website or blog.  This will also give you an indication of what your readers find interesting. Always think of ways to build on the content that you have provided or on...

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Build Quality Incoming Links and Reap the Benefit of Free Traffic to your Website

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Link Building is not the favoured pastime of SEO’s and Online Marketing strategists. It’s time-consuming, often frustrating and confusing but it’s unavoidable because ultimately, it’s still the trump card for getting a higher organic ranking. In this post I’m concerned with highlighting the effectiveness of an excellent one-way Link Building strategy (also called incoming links) and how quality one-way links can improve traffic to your website. What are the Advantages of Building one-way Links? You don’t run the risk of linking from you website to ‘bad neighbourhoods’ on the Internet If you’re offering fresh and good content on your website then other websites will naturally link to your page How can you get Quality Incoming Links to your Website? While fresh content is one way to get quality Incoming Links to your Website, there are a number of other things you can do including: Post in Blogs and Forums regularly Make use of Social Networking sites Article Marketing Web Directories All you need to do is come to a decision about whether or not you want to take on the responsibility of Building Quality Links to your website yourself, or hire a professional SEO service to do it for you. Hiring a professional is usually the better choice (if your budget allows) as they have ways and means of getting quicker results. Please follow and like...

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