5 Ways AI Can Boost Your Website’s SEO

Posted by on Mar 20, 2018 in SEO |

SEO is still the driving force behind most digital marketing strategies, and for good reason. Without ensuring proper search engine optimisation on your website, you are likely to get lost in the sea of businesses just like your own. Needless to say, the SEO world is a competitive one, presenting a number of challenges along the way to reaching, and maintaining, that number one spot in Google search. The good news is that AI (Artificial Intelligence) can help to make your life easier, all the while generating a favourable relationship between your website and Google. Here is how: Keeping An Eye On Performance  It doesn’t matter how good your SEO efforts are if you aren’t monitoring their progress! Luckily, AI can do this for you by gathering data and highlighting where you are winning and where you may be falling short. Generating Personalised User Experiences  AI technology has the ability to deliver a personalised user experience to those browsing your site by customising messaging according to factors such as the user’s previous online behaviour. A better user experience automatically equals an improved Google ranking. New Ideas for Content Marketing  AI can help to identify not only gaps in the market, but also the trending topics relevant to your industry, therefore making it easier to come up with new ideas for content marketing.  This obviously will work hand-in-hand with SEO. Better Financial Planning  AI technology can provide insight into the areas in which our budget will be best spent, thus allowing you to maximise all search engine optimisation efforts going forward. Multitasking  AI technology can handle multiple aspects of your online marketing (such as the ones mentioned above), which leaves you with more time to spend perfecting the other parts of your digital marketing strategy, such as writing original content and promoting it on social media (both of which will boost your SEO score even further!). Want to know more about improving your website’s SEO? Contact the WSI OMS team today. Please follow and like...

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The 411 on the Google Speed Update

Posted by on Mar 8, 2018 in SEO |

 Just when you think you have your SEO strategy down, something changes! At the beginning of the year, Google announced its latest algorithm update, known as the Speed Update, which will be launching in July of 2018. Needless to say, the main focus of this update will be on the speed of your website, and how quickly each page is able to load. Seeing that Google is on a mission to improve the user experience when it comes to online browsing, this new focus comes as no surprise. Here is what you need to know about how the Speed Update is set to impact your website and its subsequent rankings: It Is All About Mobile If you are not new to digital marketing, you will be well aware of the fact that page loading speeds have always been a ranking factor – at least for desktop searches, that is. Up until now, page loading times have not made a huge difference in terms of mobile rankings. With the Google Speed Update, that is sure to change. Content is Still King  While page loading speed will indeed now be a massive ranking factor for mobile, it won’t be the only ranking factor that you need to be concerned about. Relevant content of a high quality is still the key if you are to get your website to the top of the search results. However, if you’re able to publish this type of content and make sure that it takes less than a few seconds to load, you will be well on your way to reaching your online marketing goals, especially in the eyes of the world’s most notable search engine! How to Adjust  In order to avoid your website from taking a knock, here are a few suggestions for surviving the Google Speed Update: Consider making the switch to Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) Think about the effects that the update will have on your pay per click advertising, AdWords account, as well as on your website itself, and Understand the way in which people utilise mobile devices in order to search (i.e. shorter queries). Stressing about your online marketing and SEO strategy in light of these new, upcoming changes? WSI OMS can help. Contact us today for more information about our wide range of services, from search engine optimisation to content marketing and more. Please follow and like...

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Important Changes to Facebook that Every Business Owners Needs to be Aware of

Posted by on Mar 7, 2018 in Facebook, Social Media Marketing |

As the owner of a business, if you have already embraced the power of social media marketing, you will probably be dedicating much of your time and energy into growing the following on your Facebook page. Seeing as though Facebook boasts nearly 2 billion users worldwide, it is no wonder that it has become a go-to hub for online marketing. However, just as the world of digital marketing is constantly evolving, so too are our favourite social media platforms. And Facebook is definitely no exception! Here are the most recent Facebook changes that every business owner needs to be aware of. Comments Are Everything  For most companies utilising social media marketing, up until now, the main goal has always been to generate as many shares and likes as possible. However, in 2018 and beyond, Facebook will be giving preference to posts that have generated the most engagement in the form of comments, rather than the posts with the highest number of likes and shares. Basically, any posts that elicit meaningful interaction will be favoured going forward. Deprioritisation  In an effort to provide its users with a more valuable browsing experience, Facebook has recently implemented new guidelines for deprioritisation. In short, your Facebook posts will be penalised for a variety of things, including: Explicit calls for engagement, Passive content (i.e. Photos or videos that are not actively engaging user response), and Public content. Knowing this, it would seem that strategic content marketing is going to be more important than ever before for those business owners hoping to make an impact on their followers. Worried about your social media marketing strategy surviving the latest Facebook newsfeed changes? Fear not! The WSI OMS team is here to help. Contact us today for more information about our broad range of online marketing services. Please follow and like...

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Is Your Social Media Marketing Strategy Ready for 2018?

Posted by on Mar 6, 2018 in Social Media Marketing |

The first quarter of the year is already almost over! So, if you have yet to implement a new social media marketing strategy, now is the time to do so. Below, we take a look at a few pointers for ensuring that your strategy is up to scratch in terms of some of the most important social media marketing and digital marketing trends of 2018. Chatbots  While having a team of social media community managers on hand sounds appealing, it can work out to be an expensive exercise, and requires that you put in a lot of effort in order to train them all and keep them up to date with regard to any changes within the business. Chatbots, however, are much cheaper in the long run. And, they can be tailored to make certain that they can connect with your followers and promptly answer any questions that your audience may have. Ephemeral Content  Ephemeral content, or content that is only visible for a specific period of time, is all the rage at the moment. You will notice that almost all of the social media platforms have implemented this in some form or another, including SnapChat and Facebook. Video Content  Yes, just like in previous years, video content is still one of the best possible ways in which to engage your audience. Just remember that if your video content is to deliver worthwhile results, you will need to grab the attention of your viewers within the first three seconds of them pushing play! Are you looking for assistance when it comes to maximising your social media marketing strategy? If so, look no further than WSI OMS. As leaders in the online marketing sphere, we have got you covered – whatever your goals may be. Contact us today for more information. Please follow and like...

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Turning Leads into Conversions Using Live Chat

Posted by on Jan 18, 2018 in Articles |

Live chat has become a digital marketing must for businesses far and wide. It makes it possible for potential customers to get in touch quickly and get hold of the information that they are looking for – and it makes it easier for you to persuade them to convert! Here are our top tips for using live chat to your advantage and successfully transforming leads into conversions. Use Real People  Yes, technology is super advanced nowadays, and it’s quite easy to get a bot to handle your live chat offering for you. However, this is almost certainly a way in which to lose out on valuable business. Instead, employ real people to manage your live chat as this ensures a much more personalised tone, as well as ensuring that your potential customers receive more accurate information in line with their queries. Just be sure to train and educate your live chat staff regularly regarding new products, services and/or any big changes within the company as a whole. Fast Response is Key  Let’s face it – people don’t like waiting. Slow loading time is one of the most prominent reasons as to why a website’s bounce rate increases… and it is the easiest way in which to lose out on a lead when it comes to live chat. Make sure that you respond quickly to any questions asked via live chat and you’re already halfway to making a sale. Implement Post-Chat Surveys  In doing so, you will learn more about how your potential customers are responding to your live chat efforts and your brand in general, and you will be able to make positive changes as a result. The more that you tailor your live chat encounters to suit your target audience, the higher your conversion rate is likely to be. Are you looking for a digital marketing agency that can help you to master the intricacies of live chat? Get in touch with the team at WSI OMS. As experts within the realm of online marketing in South Africa, we have the skills and expertise that it takes to get your business to the top! Please follow and like...

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