Francois Muscat Won the WSI Lifetime Achievement Award

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WSI are immensely proud to announce that Francois Muscat recently won the WSI Nick Lattanzio Lifetime Achievement Award at the WSI Global Convention, which was held in Cancun in October. For the first time, Francois was rendered speechless.  This award isn’t something that digital marketing consultants can enter themselves for. The Lifetime Achievement Award is awarded to people based on their contribution to the WSI Network over an extended period of time. Francois Muscat is a WSI Training Coach and Certified Mentor who advises other Internet marketing consultants around the world on business strategies and internet marketing programmes. Sixteen years ago, Francois made the leap from the corporate life and started his own business. Francois bought a WSI Internet franchise and said that it has been such a ride. He’s had many highlights, but the Lifetime Achievement Award is a personal highlight that tops them all. Francois advised that is was an unbelievable honour, and he want to thank everyone who has worked with him, his team and his wife Marianna. Please follow and like...

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We Won the Top Rated Service Provider Award at the WSI Global Convention

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Our company won the Top Rated Service Provider Award at the WSI Global Convention, which was held in Cancun in October. It was an honour to win this award against stiff competition, and Francois Muscat is immensely proud of his team for the work they pulled off back at the office to be rated so highly among WSI’s digital marketing consultants. What sets us apart are our quick responses, the value of our services and the mentorship of new consultants. Our team members understand that a proactive digital marketing strategy requires snappy responses to clients, keeping an eye out for opportunities in their industries and being able to implement changes quickly. The real value of our services lies in how it boosts clients’ bottom lines. By having measurable goals that we’re working towards, we make sure that whether we’re writing content or designing a new site, we’re doing so with a real business goal in mind.  Global Digital Marketing Solutions Provider  Over the years, Francois Muscat has been in a fortunate position to mentor new digital marketing consultants that join WSI. While many of them partner with us for mentoring, even more end up using our services – and they recommend us to others. Francois would like to credit his team for not only building and maintaining strong connections with our consultants, but also for providing them with the solutions that help them achieve their business goals. His company isn’t a one-man-show, it’s a team of creative and intuitive copywriters, web developers, SEO consultants, administrative staff who provide everything from mobile marketing and marketing automation to email newsletters, content marketing and social media services to clients all across the globe. Please follow and like...

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How Franchisees Should Adopt Local Digital Marketing

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Running your franchise can be time-consuming. Despite having to attend to the everyday tasks and objectives of your business, the marketing of your franchise requires attention too. While some business owners grasp the concept of a digital marketing strategy, they lack the knowledge and experience to successfully implement it.  Here are four digital marketing avenues for you to explore:  Look in to Mobile Advertising  Digital marketing is the most effective route for franchisees to reach prospective customers. With the increasing usage of all things mobile, your potential customers probably spend most of their time browsing online on their mobiles rather than viewing ‘hard copy’ ads.  An app with push notifications or simply a mobile text messaging strategy can help you get in front of your customers’ eyes. Create a Local Business Page You can create your local business pages on various platforms including Google+, Facebook and Bing Places for Business. With the aim of appearing in similar (and local) business category search results, this proves highly valuable when it comes to  increasing your exposure online and helping potential customers to find your business. Consider Social Media Marketing  One of the drivers behind digital marketing is that it is cost-effective. Whether it be your franchise’s website or social media platforms, you will spend less for more. One advantage of social media marketing  is that you can specifically target your audience, making it easier to attract your ‘perfect’ potential target group and converting these into potential customers.  Investigate local business advertising groups and/or pages on Facebook. These platforms are usually free to advertise on, and they normally form part of a community’s  friendly support initiative.  Incorporate Local SEO Keywords  Keyword research is vital. You’ll need to find out which search terms your community uses when looking for a business within your area. Spend some time experimenting with keyword combinations for the face of your website and for the background, and decide on which keywords will gain you the highest level of traction. Most importantly, remember to include your city and region names to your industry relevant-terms. With digital marketing becoming easily accessible and user-friendly, you need to be aware of the crucial strategies and tools made readily available to you. Brainstorm a digital marketing strategy, do your research and pinpoint your exact target market before implementation. Keep consistent communication flowing and have fun! Need help with your franchise’s digital marketing, SEO or mobile marketing? Then contact WSI OMS today. Please follow and like...

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How Blockchain Is Changing Digital Marketing

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Blockchain technology; which has mostly been associated with cryptocurrency and the finance industry; could soon become the latest curve-ball to hit the world of digital marketing. Predictions from industry experts point to blockchain being a disruptive influence for the marketing industry, and it seems that artificial intelligence and analytics are set to take a backseat when it comes to game-changing technology. Blockchain technology is based on the principle of creating a publically available digital record of transactions across many computers. This record or “block” is connected to other blocks in the chain and can’t be altered without altering the other blocks connected to it. It creates a way for transactions to take place between two parties without needing verification from a third party.  4 Ways in Which Blockchain Technology Is Changing Digital Marketing:   Access to Digital Data  Blockchain can put a stop to businesses pulling and selling their clients’ information without paying the client for the use of that information. Certain browsers are using blockchain technology to allow clients to “sell” their attention to businesses. The client can watch ads and get paid for doing so, instead of getting bombarded by online advertising they never asked for. Blockchain will certainly change the way that digital marketers collect and use consumer information, and it will give consumers power over their own data. Marketers will have to get their data directly from consumers and may, therefore, pose opportunities to win customer loyalty. If the brand or company can win the customer’s trust, they will be rewarded with consumer information. Strengthened Security Blockchain adds security to online interactions because each transaction in a block is stored in a decentralised manner, which makes it incredibly hard to hack individual accounts and entire databases. Various companies are creating ways to allow consumers to use their information as a key to access apps without those apps storing information on their servers. These companies aim to give consumers back the rights over their own data. Digital marketers can use this added security to their advantage by supporting consumers in their efforts to control the use of their data and by being transparent in the way they use data that they have access to. If done correctly, digital marketers can gain the trust of their audiences by embracing extra security. Verification  With the verified chain of transactions, blockchain technology can help take the guesswork out of online transactions. Instead of hoping that manufacturers are being honest in marketing products, companies can verify conditions such as the origins of a product as well as how much workers are paid. There is no way to alter records once recorded in a block, which may give the consumer peace...

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3 Tips for Hiring Digital Marketing Graduates

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Digital marketing is a growing industry and, therefore, attracts the attention of many marketing graduates. It is a relatively new branch of marketing, which can make it a little tricky to put together great teams. If you’re in the market to hire, here are a few tips to make the process a bit easier.  Hiring Graduates for Digital Marketing    Should I Look for Qualified or Experienced? The great debate in hiring comes down to qualifications versus experience. And, while certain professions have very specific requirements and highly specialised training, digital marketing can afford to be less strict on requiring formal qualifications. Because so few higher learning institutions offer courses specifically on digital marketing, you may need to cast your net wider to include candidates without formal qualifications if they have sufficient industry experience.  A skills test or practical demonstration of the candidate’s skills and experience may show you exactly what you need to know to make an informed decision about a candidate, whether they have a formal qualification or not.  What Skills Should I Look For? The most important skills in digital marketing are communication and organisation. Although marketing is a fairly creative field, the top skills to look out for (especially at a more junior level) has nothing to do with ground-breaking ideas and mind-shifting creativity.  When a candidate has excellent communication skills (both verbal and written) and demonstrates the ability to clearly communicate in different situations (email conversations, interviews, etc.), they have already become a higher value candidate. If good communication skills are paired with impeccable organisation, the candidate should be ranked highly on your list.  In essence, marketing (and digital marketing) is about communicating a message to an audience. And, without solid organisational and communication skills, the ideas will lose their impact or end up not reaching their target altogether.  Arguably, these skills can be taught. But, in such a case, the candidate should really excel in other areas such as creativity, market awareness and analytical thinking. Characteristics that Should Make a Candidate Stand Out If you’re lucky enough to have candidates with the ability to communicate and organise, you can create an effective ranking system by looking at other characteristics that will add value to your organisation. Here are some characteristics to look out for:  Creativity and Enthusiasm:  The industry is highly competitive, and fresh ideas paired with passion can often mean the difference between closing a deal or losing the customer.  Coping in Stressful Situations:   Calm, level-headed team members can dictate how an emergency is handled. Interpersonal Skills:  Candidates need to be able to work well with others to keep the team productive and harmonious.  These tips should help you to hire the...

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