Harness the web to work in conjunction with your existing offline campaign.

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By adopting integrated social media marketing strategies you will generate new consumer insights. Customers will continue to increase their time spent online and they need to be reached where they prefer to be reached at the time they want to be reached. Here are 3 web marketing trends to consider: 1) Blend Online With Offline Campaigns There are two parts to this trend. First is the optimization of web sites, specifically efforts in blogs, social media, search engine optimization and email. Second is the strategic usage of those web properties within an overall campaign that may or may not include offline media (i.e. direct mail, catalogs, print ads, TV, radio etc.). Benefits to consider: Both online and offline campaigns have similar concepts in reaching target audience with different processes so define your desired outcome first. More touch points (frequency) to reach target audience throughout the buying/researching process Lowers marketing costs by shifting campaigns online from offline Faster time-to-benefit Find out more about your customers via two way conversation online More strategic options with online campaigns (i.e. brand awareness campaign, call-to-action campaign, lead-generation campaign) Target new customer base across multiple demographic, wider reach. Ideas for action: Consumer brands Build and drive traffic to your own communities, identify and communicate directly with your fans to help close the sales with promotions or rewards. This is a popular approach to get opt-ins and many consumers actually look for these value-added deals. Own the relationship with your network of customers, focus on supporting the needs of the community as a priority before promoting your offerings. B2B brands Leverage content marketing strategy to drive sales leads from search engine ads, email campaigns, social media communities, affiliate blogs or offline media to a highly targeted micro-site for prospects to opt-in for free resources (i.e. whitepaper, reports and presentations). The goal is to pre-qualify leads that can filter through the sales cycle to improve the probability to convert the sales efficiently. 2. New Measuring Matrix: Hybrid Measurement Unlike traditional forms of gathering consumer insight, online tools are often cheaper, based on much larger sample sizes, and are quicker to deliver results. For the past few years the value of search engine marketing (SEM) are measured largely by ad impressions, page views and click through rates. However, as internet users are more willing to input additional data online, companies are now looking to measure key metrics of engagement on a one to one level. It will continue to be challenging for marketers to abstract reliable data as social media adds another pile of data to the media measurement mix. Benefits to consider: Provides more realistic feedback that extends the meaning of web analytics Rich information aggregation from...

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Internet Marketing International Summits France 2009

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I have been invited to present Conversion Architecture at this year’s “Internet Marketing International Summit” in France. The summit will be held on 26 November 2009 at the Holiday Inn Gare de l’Est and the pricing is € 149 p/person. The topic for this years summit is “Learn how to drive more profits using Internet Marketing strategies during a global recession” and the expert speakers includes: Francois Muscat – Myself (WSI South Africa) Ron McArthur – (WSI Canada) Maribel Guiste – (WSI Canada) Philippe Thoniel – (WSI France) The topics that we will be discussing: Search Engine Optimization Rank at the top of the search engines and increase web traffic Pay Per Click Pick up the latest, most effective tactics of paid search advertising. Social Media Optimization Dominate the front page of the search engines with social media. Conversion Architecture Increase conversion rates with a website focused on driving results. Attendants to the summit will receive: Leading internet trends and business strategies; Search engine power search tool; WSI Internet Marketing analysis; Expert’s guide to Internet Marketing DVD; Certificate of participation; Food and beverages. I haven’t been to France yet so I believe this will be an excellent journey for myself, and for people attending the summit.  See you there! Please follow and like...

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Build and Market your Ecommerce Website

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Ecommerce website marketing is one of the important aspects for an on-line business. To insure your website gets top Google ranking, it is recommended you build not only a visually appealing website but one that has easy navigation and WSI (We Simplify The Internet) can assist in providing a structured approach to identifying different persona’s for your target market. Who you should address and how to present to them is vitally important and gaining  in-depth knowledge of the market that your products or services are aimed at will assist with your marketing effors. Our team of experts will partner with you in your journey to develop your business through our proven digital marketing strategies. As a premier ecommerce Internet marketing company that aims to ‘Simplify The Internet’ we provide pure ethical on-line strategies with 100% delivery satisfaction and guarantees. We also offer unique ecommerce marketing strategies, competitor analysis and Integrated Digital Marketing plans that will dovetail with your overall marketing strategy and make your website visible to major search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN. We have a talented group of business people who would have experience which spans across most industries. So if you are looking for the best website marketing company that provide a range of unique services, then WSI Internet Marketing is your best on-line solution. As you know there are numerous companies providing digital marketing, but our USP is to provide a full menu of services that can be matched to your available budget or built over time and includes Internet Marketing strategies, Search Engine Essentials, Link Building, Search Engine Positioning, PPC Set Up & Management, Content Marketing, Website Building nd Maintenance and Hosting to name a few and all at affordable rates.  Check out our website at www.wsioms.co.za for more information Please follow and like...

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