How LinkedIn can benefit your business

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LinkedIn remains one of the leading social media platforms for professionals to interact, while also being a great place to find influencers and engage with like-minded individuals on any number of topics. While many people or businesses set up a profile and occasionally log in to check it, using it more actively can benefit your career or the prospects of your business in many ways. While it is an excellent way to keep an updated resumé, it has much, much more to offer. Writing content and publishing it on LinkedIn gives it a better chance of being read and shared. You can create an audience quite easily on LinkedIn, that reads, responds and engages with your content far more than on other social platforms. The content on LinkedIn is reaching the very people who want to read it and an article that resonates with readers is one of the quickest ways to increase your network. Another upside, is you improve your personal brand along the way. LinkedIn is a great source of advice on project ideas, how to address issues and get feedback from your connections. You can catalogue your achievements and share your big moments, as well as see who is looking at your profile – you never know where the next opportunity may come from. Joining relevant LinkedIn groups can give your business a boost as you become more visible and possibly become regarded as a thought leader in your industry. For someone just starting on LinkedIn, the three most important pieces of advice would be to keep your profile updated, build your network and look for opportunities. It’s easier to get connections than you think, some of who you may think are out of your reach. Adding a personal message with each connection request is a successful ploy. Getting found on LinkedIn is important, so make sure your profile is optimized for search. Use a header that is descriptive rather than vague and cleanse your profile of who you are and replace it with explanations of what you do. LinkedIn has a number of clever tools that make finding people, prospects and customers more easily. Their profile organiser ensures that you can save profiles and make notes about the interactions with that person. Expanding your network and making your expertise available to others makes LinkedIn a most valuable marketing tool. For more on using LinkedIn for your business, contact us today. Please follow and like...

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Eight ways to use LinkedIn to reach your audience

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Using LinkedIn as part of your company’s marketing strategy exposes you to a massive potential audience, with it being the third most popular social networking site after Twitter and Facebook. Visitors to LinkedIn range from individuals to leaders of business, across every industry you can imagine. Here are some ways you can reach and engage with your audience, using LinkedIn: Use your company page effectively Make sure your company page on LinkedIn is representing your company in the best way possible. Make sure all the relevant information is included, in a clear and concise way. Include your logo and a banner image to reinforce the visuals and maintain your page if any details change. You can look at other company pages for inspiration to see what appeals to you. Show off your products or services Develop Showcase Pages, which branch out from your company page, to direct users to your offering. Create your own LinkedIn groups Start your own groups and join other groups in your industry, to establish a relationship with your peers, as well as establishing yourself as an expert in your field. Keep people in your groups engaged by sending LinkedIn announcements, which go directly into their inboxes. Boost your company’s SEO Just like your website, your company page should be optimised for SEO. With well over 350 million members, LinkedIn is an exceptional place for developing B2B leads and other connections. Include your title with your name, e.g. Jack White, Song Writer and Musician. Use targeted keywords in your professional headline, e.g. Award-winning Graphic Designer. Include keywords in your summary, your experience, your skills and your interests. Publish your content in Pulse LinkedIn’s publishing platform, Pulse, is a great place to promote your content as well as being a good place to read other people’s industry specific content. Use analytics for publishing LinkedIn’s analytics can show you who is reading your content, so you can target and engage with people who are already interested in your company. Use Advanced Search to find your prospects LinkedIn’s advanced people search gives you the perfect way to identify the exact type of people you are targeting. Add filters to make the search more specific, such as location, industry, current company, past company etc. Promote your page This can be easily done, by motivating your employees to add the company profile to their personal LinkedIn profiles, or by placing LinkedIn’s Follow Company button on your website. Get the word out about your company page through links placed on your blogs or newsletters. LinkedIn offers a wealth of information and many potential leads, so if you’re still unsure of how to make it work for your business, contact us. We...

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Products and Services are being removed from LinkedIn Company Pages – What do you do now?

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by Rob Thomas Recognised as an expert in ‘social selling’ reputation management, digital and mobile marketing, Rob is a professional speaker both in the U.S. and across Europe.Rob is also co-author on one of Amazon’s top sellers Digital Minds: 12 Things Every Business Needs to Know about Digital Marketing – In this blog, featured on his LinkedIn, UK-based WSI Internet Consultant, Rob Thomas writes about imminent demise of the LinkedIn Company Service/Product Pages. Monday next week (April 14th) sees the removal of products and services from LinkedIn Company Pages. Frustrating though it may be for those of us who’ve worked hard to refine our products and services pages and get good client recommendations on them, they are going and we have to be prepared. We have to make sure we have everything in place so we do not see a major adverse impact on our company pages. The view of LinkedIn is that by now having dedicated Showcase pages you can build stronger relationships with members who want to follow specific areas of your business, while still keeping those who have a general interest in your overall business up to date with what’s going on. There are 3 key things you need to do Set up your Showcase Pages Copy/recover your products / services recommendations Think about ways to use past company recommendations and what you’ll do with future ones (personal ones can still go on LinkedIn) The reason I put them in this order is that even though the product page recommendations will disappear on the 14th along with the pages, there is still a chance for you to recover them from LinkedIn up until 30th May. Once the product pages go, they’re gone forever! 1. Set up your Showcase pages Each product or service you want a dedicated presence for will need its own Showcase Page. This will allow you to share product/service specific information with your target audience. Your audience will now be able to follow the areas of your business they value most, in addition to the general company content you share. You can now focus your content even more and build relationships with specific audiences. Your company page can have up to 10 showcase pages attached to it. It’s worth taking the time to think about the essential pages you need and what you’ll call them before you start setting them up. Click on the down arrow next to Edit at the top of your company page (don’t click on the word edit, this takes you to your main company page information). Select ‘Create a Showcase Page’ and follow the instructions. When putting in your banner images make sure there is a consistent brand message....

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LinkedIn is rolling out Influencer Posts to members

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LinkedIn announced last week that they will be making influencer posts available to their members. “Combined, our members have extremely valuable and varied experiences; however, their knowledge and expertise has not yet been captured and shared.” LinkedIn believes that by opening their publishing platform to members, it will encourage people to build their personal brands and share their industry insights. The professional networking site provided some impressive statistics showing that influencer posts enjoy higher engagement and shares.  “The average Influencer post drives more than 31,000 views and receives more than 250 likes and 80 comments.” The value of LinkedIn influencer posts: Unlocking the Experts from LinkedIn If you want to get early access to writing your own influencer posts, you can register on LinkedIn. WSI offers LinkedIn training, make the most out of your LinkedIn presence by contacting us today. Please follow and like...

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LinkedIn launches a new look for profiles

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LinkedIn recently revamped its home feeds and introduced endorsements. Now it looks like LinkedIn profiles will soon follow suit. This week LinkedIn gave a sneak peek of the new design for personal profiles. The new profile is aimed at simplification and aims to help users grow their networks with more insight. Aaron Bronzan, a product manager wrote on the LinkedIn Blog that the profiles will be rolled out over the next few months. The professional networking site wanted to create “a better way to connect and build relationships” for their 175 million members. Simplified look and feel   The new profile is cleaner with a simpler design and more visual elements such as graphics indicating your profile completeness and network presence. LinkedIn wanted to simplify engagement by placing a recent activity feed at the top of the profile. Visual Insights You will be able to easily see visual insights on people and companies in your network. This was done to help make connections more easily and to help you grow your network more efficiently. LinkedIn has created a sample page where you can view an example of the new profile and where you can sign up to be one of the first people to sign up for the new profile. What do you think about the new LinkedIn? Let us know on Twitter   Please follow and like...

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