Part 2: Social Media Mobile

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In the first part of this series (Part 1: Social Media Mobile), I explained that the “next big thing” will most likely not replace “Twitter” or “Facebook” any time soon. I believe the “next big thing” is busy happening, and it is moving at the speed of light – it’s mobile. How long will it be until notebooks become less used for business the same way as desktop computers are now? I am not arguing that notebooks won’t be used any more, the same with desktop computers – most people are still using these, but I’m actually referring to “on the go” business people. People that carry their business with them when they travel and when it’s a necessity in meetings. The hype and excitement of the Tablet era Since 2010, there’s been quite allot of hype and excitement online regarding “Tablet” pc’s such as the iPad with the famous IOS operating system and the Samsung Galaxy Tab – running on Android. Of course there will always be other players when a new hype is started, but these two devices are most likely the ones that stands out the most on the Tablet market. If you are digital marketing professional or you are involved with your company’s social media or PR affairs, a Tablet pc is a great tool for staying informed of the latest trends, news, company mentions and online communication if you are an “on the go” person. Even though it takes time getting used to the Tablet when you get one, after a while you won’t believe how you ever got things done without one – I’m speaking out of my own experience. I’m not trying to sell the idea of getting a Tablet is the way to go, but “mobile” is really not just about mobile phones any more. Yes, you can most likely do everything with your “smart phone”, but a Tablet is just so much easier to use as you are not restricted to a small screen, and clients likes the ability to see exactly what you present to them. Here’s a couple of the applications (apps) that I use on a daily basis when I cannot get near a PC or when I’m travelling. Most of these apps are Web 2.0 apps so using these are really taking it “Social Media Mobile”. Mail (I always need this) Hootsuite (Great tool for monitoring multiple Twitter accounts) Netvibes – mobile site (I use Netvibes to monitor all my favorite blogs, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and some other interests of mine) WordPress (Mobile blogging) MobileRSS (Excellent RSS reader tool where you can share feeds to Twitter, Facebook and some other social media portals) In the next...

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Test your mobile website online

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Do you know how your website looks and responds on an iPad or any other mobile device?  Did you know that there’s a couple of emulators available that you can test your mobile website on? These online mobile emulators will give you a good idea on how your mobile website will look in a mobile browser environment.  These emulators also gives you the opportunity to test your mobile website quickly. Take note that these emulators are only for testing purposes and they should not replace testing your mobile website on actual mobile devices.  Only use these emulators to give you a look and feel of how your mobile website will look on various mobile devices.  Because they are online, they are very quick and easy to use.  Each emulator will give you a different view of your website. Opera mini Opera mini is one of the most popular mobile browsers on mobile devices.  It uses the Java ME platform and it requires that the mobile device must be able to run Java ME.  You can test your mobile website at the Opera Mini simulator website. dotMobi emulator The dotMobi emulator allows you to test your mobile website how it will display on a normal mobile phone. You can select a couple of theme skins (Nokia N70 and Sony K750) when you run the emulation. Using this emulator, you will be able to see how millions of users will be able to view your mobile website. iPhone simulator is an iPhone based browser emulator that will show you how your mobile website will look on an iPhone. iPad emulator If you would like to test how your mobile website will look on an iPad, use the iPad Peek web based emulator. To see an accurate simulation, use the Apple Safari or Google Chrome. Please follow and like...

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How to get an iPad for Christmas

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Many of us have wondered how to justify an Ipad for our WSI business with our wives. For those of you who have attended my training and used the “sales folder”.  Here is how I have moved it to my Ipad. I am having great success and it is a great sales presentation tool My favourite apps are: Present Pad Goodreader Analytics Soundnote is awesome 2 screens Infonet presenter Keynote for Mac WordPress pluggin Dropbox VLC for video Mashable to stay socially updated Goto Meeting Skype Here is the video I created showing you some of the ways I use it Hope it helps and that your wife buys you one for Christmas Please follow and like...

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