Influencer Marketing Need-to-Knows

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Influencer marketing is a huge part of digital marketing nowadays, making it possible for brands to reach new audiences and boost their reputation in one fell swoop. If you have been considering embracing this type of marketing for a while now but aren’t sure exactly how to go about it, the following info is sure to help. Who is Considered an Influencer?  That depends. However, in general, social media influencers earn that title by generating a minimum of 15 000 followers on social media platforms like Instagram. While most people think that only celebrities are influencers, this really isn’t the case. Influencers are people who can help you to reach your target audience. For example, a make-up brand will find value in joining forces with a beauty blogger and Instagrammer with 15 000 followers – and it is sure to be much cheaper than joining forces with a supermodel! How Can I Make Influencer Marketing Work for My Brand?  According to recent studies, 94% of marketers believe that transparency and authenticity are crucial to influencer marketing success. It is also essential that you choose to work influencers who hold the same morals and ethics as your brand, and who are relevant to your industry and your target audience. How Do I Make Sure it’s Money Well Spent?  Before making any important decisions, make sure that the influencer with whom you intend to work is, in fact, a legitimate influencer with legitimate followers. 42% of marketers are concerned about fake followers and bots – and rightly so! It is possible and quite affordable to ‘purchase’ new followers. So how do you know that an influencer’s following is the real thing? Take a look at the engagement on their posts – not just the numbers of ‘likes’, as these can be bought too. Look carefully at the comments and do not hesitate to take a look at some of the followers’ profiles for clues as to whether they are real people or not. When it comes to influencer marketing and digital marketing in general, WSI OMS can help to streamline the process of ensuring success. We specialise in content marketing, mobile marketing, social media marketing, website design, and website development. For more information about our wide range of services, do not hesitate to get in touch. Please follow and like...

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Social Media’s Fake Follower Economy Is Doomed

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While B2B business owners may not be aware of this, most digital marketers know that there’s a huge ‘fake follower’ economy in the internet marketing world. People can easily go onto sites like and buy followers for their Twitter, Instagram or Facebook pages. They can just as easily buy likes and comments. The problem with the fake follower economy is that it is pointless. These followers are often located in other countries and they don’t have active, engaging accounts – they’re simply paid to like and comment on whatever they’re being paid to comment on. On the outside, it may seem like your competitors are much more popular than you, but on closer inspection, you may come to realise that a large majority of their followers are from paid accounts. The New York Times recently published an exposé on Devumi, a prominent purveyor of fake followers, which concluded that he was in control of over 3.5-million fake Twitter accounts. One of the major problems with Devumi’s army of fake followers is that many of them use personal information and photos of real users. Businesses are risking their reputations by buying fake followers as impersonation and identity theft are illegal in many countries. This type of dubious social media arbitrage is very different from influencer marketing, where you partner with social media influencers to review or promote your brand. Influencer marketing can have a real impact on your brand awareness and bottom line, and it’s more expensive and time-consuming to get right than buying fake followers. If you want to amplify your brand with digital marketing strategies that are above board and can potentially have a big impact on your digital goals, then contact WSI OMS Please follow and like...

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Everything you need to know about influencer marketing

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Influencer marketing is a type of digital marketing strategy that has grown immensely over the past few years. There are a number of online influencers which can help you promote your brand to their (often large) groups of followers. These influencers include celebrities, authorities in a specific industry or on a specific topic, journalists, experts and analysts. Companies that have an effective digital marketing strategy in place will know how to choose their influencers in order of preference based on the following: Their reach or audience size. Their relevance to the company’s brand. Their track record when it comes to engaging with their audience. You can find and connect with the right type of online influencers in the following ways: Look for high level networkers and influences on leading sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. These networkers will have over 500 contacts or followers and will have the whole profile completely filled out. They will also be evidently active online and have positioned themselves as an authority or often comment on topics related to your industry. Join groups of relevance. Find your target market by searching for groups and pages on social sites that are relevant to your company. Join these groups and start making posts and comments which are useful and interesting to other users. This is a great way to start engaging with the leading influencers in each social group. Digital marketing services offered by WSI At WSI, we offer professional digital marketing and social media marketing services whereby your market’s online influencers can be easily targeted and engaged with. With a digital marketing strategy set in place by WSI, you can expect a rewarding online advertising and marketing experience. If you would like to learn more about our digital marketing or social media marketing services, contact us via email or telephone at WSI today. Please follow and like...

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