Use Google+ for search engine optimization

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Google made history last year when they launched their social network Google+. Since its launch, it has become the fastest growing social media channel to date. Google+ has more potential than just being labelled as a social network. Google+ is an extension of Google, and this means that it does carry some search engine optimization (SEO) potential. Many members on Google+ are reporting that their Google+ profiles have increased in organic rankings of Google. That m

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Google+ and search engine optimization

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is critical to various internet marketing campaigns, and the somewhat new Google+ profiles are beginning to play an important part in searches. A few months ago, Google added related places, people, personal results, profiles, photos, and posts to the search engine result pages when you are logged in with your Google account. It is now not just about optimizing your website, but building your company and personal brand online. Very

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Why I hope Google+ will make it

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For a couple of years now, popular Web 2.0 channels such as Twitter and Facebook has been contending for the number one social network spot. With the arrival of the newest contender “Google+”, this new network has also joined the battle. While Twitter and Facebook differs in services and Facebook has the most members, which one do you use the most for your social media marketing campaign? Do you use both of these networks the same way?  In my opinion, y

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Google’s “Panda” Update Elevates the “Content is King” Theory

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My good friend and fellow WSI Internet Consultant Patrick Hogan is a regular guest author of our blog. In this post he gives a great explanation of the Google Panda update and how he is re-evaluating his content strategy with a live case study. Savvy web marketers have always known that content is king on the Internet.  After all, for years, the words on the page and links to a website were the only way search engines had to figure out what a site is about.  It st

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Things you should know about Google+

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Google Plus is a buzz word in the social universe at the moment.  Will it be the next big thing similar to Facebook?  Google Plus is still very new and in the beta phase at the time of writing this blog post, but many people are already Tweeting and posting status updates online that they believe it will replace Facebook. Personally, I don’t think this will, but it will definitely be a powerful social media channel that you can use with your social media

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