How to get local traffic to your website and blog

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Usually the challenge with local small business websites is obtaining targeted traffic to their online profile. A website is a powerful business tool and if used and optimized correctly, can generate sales and leads. Why do you want a simple online brochure of your company when your website can do so much more? More and more businesses are realising this and the days are over by just having a simple about us and contact page on your website. Your website can produce a high ROI (return on investment) but to achieve that goal and if you are a small business, there are ways that you can accomplish that. Find below a couple of steps you can do to drive local targeted traffic to your website. Organic SEO Optimize your website to be search engine friendly. Use primary keywords mixed in with the city, neighborhood, community and local names it falls in. Include your address and phone number with your area code in your contact page. These are all ways users search for local businesses. Google local search Google local listings appear along with a map (for some countries this is not activated yet) at the top of the Google’s search results when people search for local businesses or services. You can add your business listing on Google for free by entering your details on the Google Local Business Center. Facebook Create a Facebook page for your small business and encourage your customer to join your group. You can then reach your customers via your Facebook page and you can advertise your services, specials, etc on this page. Encourage your customers to leave reviews about you on your Facebook page. Radio advertisements Place online radio advertisements with a service like TargetSpot. The nice thing about these online radio stations is that you can add geo-tagging to your advertisements. Local search Add your business to local search engines and business directories. Most of these websites allows you to advertise with an advertisement for a reasonable monthly fee. Blogging Create a blog that deals with the services or products your business specializes in and reference your location on it regularly. The key here is the create local content that is interesting to your targeted customer and that uses community, local town names in their searches. A blog can also be a powerful business influencer to establish yourself as the expert in your field. This can also help your business becoming more visible online. Google Adwords Use Google adwords and insert keywords with city and/or state added to the beginning or end. Use the state or city terms prominently in the ad to get a higher click thru rate. All these steps falls...

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Reach and Analyze Your Market with Google Ads

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The Internet has truly levelled the playing field in terms of advertising and what businesses need to spend on advertising to get exposure. In light of the recession, the Internet has become an even more popular marketing platform because of it’s affordability, measurability and the fact that smaller businesses can compete effectively against their larger competitors in the online environment. What Makes Google Ads an Effective and Affordable Advertising Platform? One of the defining factors of Google Adwords is that it allows you to target your market exactly when they are searching for your products and services online. With Google Adwords you can choose the locations you want your ads to show and you only pay each time someone actually clicks on your ad. In addition to this, a Google Adwords account asks you too choose a daily budget – meaning you have complete control on how much you spend on your search engine advertising. Unlike Traditional Forms of Advertising, Google Ads are Measurable Traditional forms of advertising (Print, Radio, Television) are being overshadowed by search engine advertising because you can get more ‘bang for your buck’ on a popular search engine like Google. By setting up goals you can measure the effectiveness of your ads via factors like the number of bookings/inquiries made, the number of leads generated and any other business goals you may want to analyze.  You can also see whether or not your google ad needs to be adjusted via the click through rate. Obviously if you have a low click through rate then you should relook your advert and do some more keyword research in order to achieve a higher click through rate. No matter the size of your business, you are now in a position to afford an effective advertising campaign with Google Adwords. Search engine advertising allows even the smallest business operations to reach far beyond borders and compete against bigger brands in the same industry. Please follow and like...

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