Using Gmail Ads? Make The Most Of Your Headlines!

Posted by on Feb 13, 2019 in PPC |

If you have not used Gmail Ads before (or if it has been a while), these ads appear as unread emails in a person’s Gmail account with a little green “Ad” sign next to them. It is a great way to boost brand awareness and make sure that your message gets in front of your target audience. One thing that many people get wrong is the headlines they use for their Gmail ads. PPC specialists will know that any headline can make or break a paid search strategy, but it is even more crucial to get this right in Gmail ads.   Character Limits Keep the character limits for headlines and descriptions in mind when you craft your Gmail ads. The headline can only be 25 words and the ad’s description is limited to 90 characters. As you can believe, it can be incredibly hard to write a compelling headline and description with so few characters.   What To Write Avoid using copy that sounds like an ad. Your Gmail ad headline should read like a Gmail subject line, so writing “50% off! Free shipping. Unlimited products!” will not get people clicking. Instead, write something such as “We are giving you half price off on all our online goodies”.  The subject line should read like a natural email that a supplier, vendor or client would send you.   Use Emojis According to research by mobile marketing platform, Leanplum, emojis can boost open rates with 254%. You may not often use emojis in your ad campaigns, but Gmail ads are a place where you should consider it. However, only use emojis if they are directly related to what you are offering.   Need help with your Gmail ads or PPC strategy? Then contact WSI OMS today. Please follow and like...

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Tips For Winning With Gmail Ads

Posted by on Feb 11, 2019 in PPC |

If you are already using a paid search strategy, then you should definitely consider adding Gmail ads to your marketing mix. Not only are these ads less competitive, but you will be able to ensure that your brand is front and centre on a platform that people monitor for hours each day. An added benefit is that if you have struggled to get your emails into your potential customers’ inboxes due to spam filters, Gmail ads will ensure that you make your way there.   If you have not used Gmail ads before, these ads show up as an unread email with a little green “Ad” sign, similar to other Google ads. Here are a few tips to make sure you boost brand awareness and your bottom line:   Target Your Keywords As with any PPC campaign, you need to choose your keywords. Some of the strategies to follow include: Keywords based on certain words or phrases, and Targeting your competitors’ branded keywords. If there are a few big name brands in your industry, you should definitely use their brand names in your Gmail ads, but be sure to make it clear why the reader should switch to you instead. If you are offering a discount or incentive, make it obvious in the subject line.   Remarketing You can target your ads by using a list of names that you have already built into your account. This is a good approach if you are trying to upsell to existing clients or if you are running a remarketing campaign.   Expand Your Email List Some people do not know about this option, but you can also upload your contact list and use similar audiences to grow your list. This is a great way to reach much more people.   Narrow Down Your Demographics If you are selling products to men aged 20 to 40, then you need to make sure you are not wasting clicks on people who do not fall into this demographic. You can use your Google Analytics to drill down into the people who are converting on your site by clicking on Audience > Demographic > Overview.   Need help with your Gmail ads or PPC strategy? Then contact WSI OMS today. Please follow and like...

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