How to Harness the Power of Emojis in E-mail Marketing

Posted by on Sep 22, 2015 in Content Marketing, E-mail Marketing |

Emojis are graphic ideograms used in social media platforms and it is now being used as an e-mail marketing technique. It works in that it sets your e-mail apart from the rest, increasing its visibility and ultimately the amount of traffic you have reached. Your business can benefit from this form of e-mail marketing. Here are three tips for using Emojis in e-mails: Your target audience is the most important aspect to consider. This form of e-mail marketing is not appropriate for every business and you should therefore know the needs of your target audience. Although it is dependant on the industry in question, Emojis have been proven to increase e-mail open rates. You need to know which Emojis are appropriate for your e-mail. You cannot simply insert any Emoji. It must be relevant to the message you are conveying. It should market the written content of your e-mail. For example, if your e-mail’s purpose is to provide clients with your contact information, you can use a telephone emoji as it is relevant to the content of your e-mail. Likewise if your e-mail serves the purpose of an invitation, there are numerous emojis to choose from. Consider the different platforms. Some people access their e-mails from a laptop, other from a desktop and some from mobiles or tablets. You therefore need to consider the outcome of your chosen Emojis. It may present itself in the form of other symbols and might in that case, not be worth adding to your e-mail. Emojis can be hugely successful providing you apply the three principles above. It is an innovative and recent trend in e-mail marketing and could be a trendy addition to your future e-mails. Call on WSIOMS to strengthen your E-mail Marketing today Contact WSIOMS for all your e-mail marketing related queries and requirements. Please follow and like...

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Six successful social media marketing principles

Posted by on Sep 9, 2015 in Social Media Marketing, Social Media Optimization |

Social media marketing has taken over many traditional forms of marketing. How can you ensure your social marketing is of the highest quality? What are the essential principles for successful social media marketing? Here are six essential principles of social media marketing that might answer the above related questions: Honesty – It is of the utmost importance to be honest with regards to any online presence. It is about building trust between you and your audience. Whether you are promoting a client project or tweeting a corporate partnership, it is best to always be honest. Presence in Conversations – Social media marketing requires you to engage with your audience which means you need to actively participate in online conversations. Positivity – Negativity does not sell and should not be present on your online social media platforms. Positivity will attract traffic rather than scare them off. Transparency – Another key principle of social media marketing is that of transparency. Always ensure you are transparent about your brand, business or service. Share Content – One way of ensuring an active social media platform is by sharing the content of other users. This is a fantastic way to keep your audience interested and engaged. Relevancy – Ensure that all content posted on your platform is relevant to your cause, service, business or brand. The idea is to build an all-round brand which can easily be spotted by your followers. E-mail marketing, SEO and copywriting services are only some of the services available with the function of optimising your social media marketing practices. The principles above are concerned with ensuring a successful social media marketing campaign. Call on WSIOMS today for effective social media marketing strategies Contact WSIOMS for all your e-mail marketing requirements. Please follow and like...

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Who thinks e-mail marketing is still effective?

Posted by on Mar 10, 2012 in E-mail Marketing |

With the focus of many companies turning toward social and search marketing, much of the attention once given to e-mail marketing has faded. People seem to have little faith in e-mail marketing (and rightly so, considering the impact of the Consumer Protection Act and the fact that so many people simply delete spammy e-mails). But it’s not e-mail marketing itself that is the problem – it’s the way e-mail marketing is used. Read these tips to improve your e-mail marketing strategy and get the results you want. 5 tips to optimise your e-mail marketing Value. When it comes to e-mail marketing, you are generally dealing with people that have given you permission to contact them. Do not waste time bogging them down with useless information.  Try to create an experience for your readers. Balance. Often with e-mail marketing, people become too focused on selling something. Aim to structure your e-mails in such a way that the emphasis is placed on the value and the experience (about 95%) and only about 5% on the selling point. To the point. People are busy, so avoid long winded greetings and messages of thanks and get to the point of your e-mail. Tone. E-mail marketing is hard – if you want to get your message across, you need to put in the hours to create a really great product (whether it’s a monthly newsletter or a once-off campaign). E-mail marketing is still relevant. All you need to do is see it as a tool to create a richer, more customised experience for your audience. Need help with your e-mail marketing? Contact WSI South Africa. Please follow and like...

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