Top UK Software Testing Companies in 2019

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As innovative technology emerges, there is an increase in software development companies that provide these professional services and skills to the industry. Good software development companies are able to develop custom solutions that help their clients maintain a competitive edge. We took a look at the top software development companies in 2019.   2i Software Testing and Consultancy Services 2i Software Testing and Consultancy Services specialises in delivering software testing services for organisations with a special focus on investment banking and asset management. They deploy nearly 100 staff across the UK for the best customer service. 2i Software Testing and Consultancy Services Company information: Established in 2005. 2i Software Testing and Consultancy Services Company location: Edinburgh – 117 Hanover Street, Edinburgh, EH2 1DJ 2i Software Testing and Consultancy Services Company services: Sector Expertise – Investment, Asset Management. 2i Software Testing and Consultancy Services Key industries:  Financial.   A1QA With clients like Adidas, it is no doubt that A1QA is one of the most independent software QA and testing services across multiple industries. A1QA Company information: Established in 2003. A1QA Company location: Lakewood, Co – 900 S. Wadsworth Blvd., Suite 485, Lakewood, CO, 80235, Lakewood A1QA Company services: Software testing, web testing. A1QA Key industries: Multiple industries.   Acutest Acutest is a specialist software testing consultancy that has extensive test services. These services range from disaster recovery through to outsourced testing and they have clients from BBC to HP. Acutest Company information: Established in 2002. Acutest Company location: London – Blackwell House, Guildhall Yard, London, EC2V 5AE Acutest Company services: Software testing, Test automation. Acutest Key industries:  Technology.   Anadea Anadea is an international custom software development services provider with a staff of almost 100 IT experts. They have customers from all over the world who come to them for their unique web and mobile applications. Anadea Company information: Established in 2000. Anadea Company location: LA HQ – 723 S Casino Center Blvd. Fl 2, Las Vegas, NV, USA Anadea Company services: Server side development, Mobile Platforms. Anadea Key industries: Gaming.   BugFinders BugFinders is a leading crowdsourced functional testing company that has worked with huge brands such as Visa and Calvin Client. They ensure that your most critical digital assets get the very best experience. BugFinders Company information: Established in 2011. BugFinders Company location: Cheltenham, Gloucestershire – 3 Rockfield Business Park, Old Station Drive, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire GL53 0AN BugFinders Company services: Software testing. BugFinders Key industries: Not specified.   Caltek Technical Services Caltek Technical Services has worked with a wide variety of blue-chip organisations to develop technical publications for many new start-up companies. Caltek Technical Services Company information: Established in 1995. Caltek Technical Services Company location: Worcestershire, England Caltek...

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Avoid Common Mistakes when Analysing Digital Media Data

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When you have multiple campaigns in full swing and multitudes of data pouring in from different sources, it can be easy to misinterpret details and jump to conclusions about results without sufficient evidence. Behavioral, retargeting, search and other types of targeting data can make it even more likely that you are preaching to the converted. The trick is to determine whether your hopefully targeted communications reached those consumers who truly wanted it or those who were closer to the conversion tipping point. Certainly we want to avoid overkill and wasting money and impressions on consumers who didn’t need it. Before making a hasty assumption that may prove to be unfounded upon a deeper inspection, consider these common mistakes when examining digital media data.   Assigning a Causal Relationship Where There Was None It can be quick and easy to assign causality when much of your data seems to point in the assumed direction. However, thorough testing of the hypothesis is required before jumping to conclusions. To test the hypothesis that higher  impressions are driving search, increase or decrease impressions and isolate other potential factors to see what kind of measurable impact—if any—this has on search and also look at ‘trending’.   Assigning Sales Attribution Correctly is Vital Particularly in markets where there’s a high likelihood that you’ll be targeting customers who are already buyers, attributing the sale can be complicated. This is especially true with site and search retargeting tactics. Delivering ads to anyone who searches for your keywords can be very effective. However, in a typical purchase cycle, consumers shop around quite a bit. Witout a direct click-through-to-conversion path, it’s difficult to say that those who come to your site and viewed a banner made a purchase because of that banner. And, we don’t know what got them to the site the first time. Are you showing ads to an audience who would have bought anyway and then attributing their buy to the fact that you showed them an ad? It’s a slippery slope that requires testing to measure the real impact. To test your attribution theory and be aware of how retargeting might influence your results, adjust the number of impressions, frequency caps and other parameters and closely monitor and/or control for external impacts on search. When you have an overall picture of the pre-purchase drivers, you can more clearly begin to see what’s sparking the tipping point of conversion.   Failure to Consider the Big Picture Digital media marketing through search and display don’t exist in a vacuum. Therefore, we must take a more holistic approach in determining the results. Don’t just look at click-through or search rates, but consider conversion rates, basket size, and other...

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Blogs vs Websites

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Blogs and websites have very different purposes in a Content Marketing strategy.  Blogs are for interacting and communicating with your targeted customers as well as develop your brand. Blogging is an effective way to develop your online credibility, especially when you are considered an authority in your field. A website is your business’ online presence and is designed to sell or provide your services to your visitors. It is the place where your visitors can engage with your business. Blog Content Marketing is a powerful business strategy as well written and optimized posts can vastly increase your online visibility. Combining a blog with your website has great benefits as your blog posts can attract targeted visitors to your website which can lead to a prospect converting into a customer. Blogs are active Blogs enable interaction with the online community very easily and are more effective in engaging with a reader than a website which is generally passive. Blogs broadcasts their content out to the web via RSS (Real Simple Syndication) every time there is something new. Websites on the other hand must wait to be discovered by the search engine bots and spiders. It’s like the difference between fishing and hunting. You can sit and wait for fish or you can actively hunt and pursue. Blogs are faster Posting and syndication (RSS) is almost instantaneous.  Blog aggregators (Technorati, Afrigator) and other blog search engines index and list your postings within minutes after you publish them.  No need to wait for your content to be indexed. Build a readership It’s very easy for visitors to subscribe to your blog so that they can be notified of new postings and articles as soon as they are published. Blogs also encourage repeat visits with content being delivered to your favorite feed reader or by email. Compare this to bookmarking a website which depends on the visitor returning. Blogs have fresher content By their nature, blogs have regular fresh content and they are more up to date.  Blogs tend to deal with breaking events and technology insights. Blogs are interactive Blog conversations are encouraged providing multiple viewpoints and discussions.  Comments can be made easily from each page. I look forward to my next post where I will discuss how to include blogging into your online marketing strategy. Please follow and like...

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Digital Media – Get more from your Adspend in the Recession

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Many companies have had to reevaluate their marketing budgets during the recession. According to the 2009 ANA/MMA Marketing Accountability Survey, three quarters of marketers had their adspend decreased this year, and two thirds are expected to drive more sales with an equal or lesser budget. Thankfully, digital media/online marketing has softenend the marketing budget blow for many. More and more companies are now competing in their respective industries on popular search engines like Google. The June 2009 poll indicates that the number 1 strategy for marketers that want to campaign effectively without spending more was to move from traditional media (print, television, radio) to digital media. Some of the tactics employed by marketers to improve marketing effectiveness in order of popularity include: Shifting advertising investment from traditional media to online media Moving away from Brand Building Initiatives to focus on Promotional Advertising Making use of lower-cost media — The Internet Fourty percent of the companies surveyed said that senior management viewed marketing as “an expense”, however, sixty percent viewed marketing costs as “investing in their brand “. In 2009, businesses no matter how big or small, are viewing the online environment as a worthy platform upon which to market themselves. Although competition is fierce, those companies that take the time to learn about Internet Marketing, SEO, and web analytics will reap the ROI rewards offered by being in the top position of Google. Please follow and like...

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WSI Digital Media Certification

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I spent the last 8 days in Orlando at the lovely Portofino Hotel at Universal Studios. For 4 days I networked with as many WSI Internet Consultants as  possible. I really have a great job because it doesn’t feel like a job. Being an Internet Consultant (IC) with WSI enables me to travel all over the world meeting ICs from each country. I was in Spain on the 6th September conducting 2 days of training with the Spanish ICs and it was at this session that Maribel Guiste (VP of Operations) approached me to help WSI to create some new induction training material for new franchisees. It is a real honour for me and as many of the ICs know I really love sharing my techniques on how I run my business. So I am on the plane from Orlando to Toronto as I write this post using Windows Live Writer. It is really neat and easy to use. When I next get connected this post will be uploaded automatically. My agenda for next week is to workshop the new training content with the WSI Executive Management team. We will be covering: Preparing for your WSI franchise business New ICs will work on some social media activities and learn how to create credible profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter Creating our sales presentation folder that encourages consultative selling and educating your prospect. No hard sell here Building your IC site on Efusion Hands on practical exercises to optimise your IC site for local visibility as well a setting up a Google Pay Per Click campaign Then we create our Content blueprint. This is the part that I enjoy as it lets me be creative We will be using the WSI Power search tool to help with brainstorming ideas Next we work on building our list and creating email journeys for ongoing communication with our prospects and clients Finally we close off by role playing a sales call There is going to be a lot of hard work this week and I look forward to it. I have also been invited to dinner by a number of ICs and look forward to building more friendships with, Liana Ling Shane Serra Jeff Green Peter Jasniewski and the top WSI performer Doug Schust. Doug is a real character and he was kind enough to let me spend a couple of days in his office a few years back when I was green at this business. Hanging out with Doug is great as he is so creative and generates a lot of excitement and energy. I am travelling for quite a while and will look forward to getting back to South Africa on...

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