Good copywriting can make all the difference to your online campaign

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When it comes to digital marketing or online marketing, too many people overlook the importance of hiring an experienced and skilled copywriter. Copywriting forms a large part of any strategic online marketing campaign and if you want to truly convert your website browsers into paying customers that come back and spend more in the future too, you must offer them content that’s of value to them. In the past, many believed that simply overloading their website with keywords would do the trick but the way search engines rank online content has changed a great deal over the past ten years or so, and these days, if you aren’t offering valuable content, you’re not going to get anywhere in terms of online search engine rankings / results.   While we strongly recommend hiring our professional digital marketing team to assist with boosting your website’s effectiveness, we’re happy to share a few tips on good and persuasive copywriting. Here’s a few to get you started:   Don’t draw things out for the sake of presenting “content” to your customers. Yes, it’s valuable to have something of use to say, but keep it concise and ensure that the required information is made quickly and easily available. Keep it conversational. You don’t want to make your customers feel like they’re studying a textbook. Keep the content conversational and you’ll keep them interested. Make it easy for your customer to take the next step. Make sure that your content has a clear call to action and that the next step is obvious. Don’t say “contact us” if your contact details aren’t anywhere in sight: keep it quick, easy and simple for your customer. Answer questions: Most customers will have questions about products and services, but they don’t necessarily want to pick up the phone and spend hours talking to a consultant. Make sure that your website includes as much valuable information about your products and services as possible. Everything they need to know should be found right on your website.   These are just a few tips from the pros at WSI OMS. Need more guidance and professional assistance? Chat to us – we would love to help!   Top digital media marketing services offered by WSI OMS At WSI OMS we offer professional and strategic online marketing and advertising assistance to business owners that want to take their online presence and website effectiveness to the next level. For more information and advice on effective copywriting and digital media marketing, contact us via email or telephone at WSI OMS today. Please follow and like...

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QR Codes; My New Favorite Toy!

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I am happy to introduce my fellow IC from Los Angeles, Chuck Bankoff as guest blogger. Here is his post about his favourite new toy.  – Francois When it comes to Digital Marketing, the tools we’ve had to work with have always been interesting, but this one is actually way more fun than most.  Limited only by your imagination, it’s essentially free and almost anyone can adopt it! QR Codes (abbreviation for “Quick Response” Code) is a digital image that virtually anyone with a Smartphone can instantly scan and immediately go to a webpage, download specific information, add you to their contact list…or go to almost any digital destination. It’s kind of a barcode scanner for everyone. There have got to be hundreds of different applications for QR Codes. Some are obvious, and some are just functional. You don’t have to be clever…but where is the fun in that? Here are 7 ideas literally off the top of my head: 1: Your Website: This is a bit obvious, so think it through… If your prospect is already on your site, you could give them access to a special mobile enabled special offer page that can only be accessed with their phone. Or you could just set it so they could conveniently download your contact information. 2: Business Cards & Flyers: Sure, this is one of the more obvious places to take advantage of the technology, but there are so many ways you can leverage it. You could link it to the home page of your website, or better yet a “Special Offer” page that can only be accessed through the QR Code. Just make sure it is a mobile enabled page because the only way it will be viewed is on the miniature screen of a smart phone. You could simply set it up to download your contact info into your prospects Smartphone (where it belongs in the first place). 3: Social Media Badges: Why not use it as a profile image on your Facebook business page, or as your Skype image, or as a secondary logo on your LinkedIn profile? 4: Tee-Shirts: OK, now we’re getting clever. Think about your entire staff buzzing around your tradeshow booth with oversized QR codes emblazoned across the front of their shirts. That by itself would be an attention getter… but the sight of other event goers continuously pointing their phones in your direction might garner some attention as well. Linking the QR code to an “event only” special would be the perfect payoff. 5: Menus: A restaurant could simply post the QR code outside the entrance so a patron could just scan and go and check what’s on the menu at...

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2011 State of Digital Marketing Report

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I recently found the following survey 2011 State of Digital Marketing Report, which was compiled by Webmarketing123, a California-based online marketing agency and one can surmise that the trends should be more or less the same in South Africa and I found the results very interesting. SEO is the number one source of leads for both B2C and B2B marketers, beating out both PPC and social media marketing in a recent survey of online marketers. But more of those surveyed say they plan to increase their social media marketing budgets in 2012, ahead of SEO and PPC. Both groups of marketers in the B2B or B2C sectors agree that SEO has the biggest impact on lead generation. 57 percent of B2B marketers credit SEO as their primary source of generating leads, while 41 percent of B2C marketers said the same thing. Both types of marketers say that website traffic is the primary way they measure the success of online marketing efforts which highlights the importance of analytics to constantly check progress and adjust strategy. The survey asked a number of budget-related questions, including one about which channels get the majority of the marketers’ budgets. On the B2B side, one-third indicated that SEO gets the majority of their budget. But on the B2C side, more than 42 percent say that PPC gets the majority of their budget — about double the number of B2C marketers who said SEO is their top budget allocation. Overall, 60 percent of respondents said they plan to increase their budget for social media marketing in 2012; 53 percent plan to increase their budget for SEO and 40 percent will increase their PPC budget. Those increases in social media spending are likely field by another couple statistics from the survey: 68 percent say they’ve generated leads from Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, while 55 percent have closed deals from social media leads. The 2011 State of Digital Marketing Report can be downloaded from Webmarketing123′s website. You’ll need to provide name and contact information. There’s also an associated infographic with many statistic, which they’ve posted separately here: Infographic: Digital Marketer Views On SEO, PPC & Social Media. After the reported success of both B2B and B2C one of the important ‘take outs’ for me is the importance of having clear marketing objectives and a balanced online strategy using all available channels. Please follow and like...

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