In digital marketing ,who delivers the best results between Google ads vs. Facebook ads?

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Move over conventional and traditional ways of advertising and make room for digital marketing in an age where consumers are always online. In this regard there are two front runners that any business should seek to use: Facebook ads or Google ads. The effectiveness of either platform is debatable and we shall endeavour to find out who delivers the best results and return on investment. The pros and cons of digital marketing At the core of any online advertising exercise, you have to factor in the cost of the entire project over the long term. Which is cheaper-Facebook ads or Google ads? Examined individually, both have their pros and cons. Facebook ads are markedly cheaper and are likely to achieve better results for small businesses who have a small online advertising budget. On the other hand, Google ads are ideal for location-based results. The online advertising budget in this regard can be markedly bigger and a tad expensive.  Because Facebook is a social network, their ads tend to reach a much larger audience regardless of location and locale. What is more is that you can use the ‘post boost’ function on the social network to widen your scope and reach more users. The verdict for digital marketing Admittedly, Google is the biggest thing to happen to the internet unlike Facebook which is prohibited in some territories. It serves over 2.3 million searches every second and AdWords is used by more than 4 million advertisers. With such a massive reach, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t advertise on Google’s ad network. This is what most of the businesses think and this is why they can’t resist running a digital marketing ad campaign on AdWords. Further, it is with Google ads that search engine optimisation is more effective as your ads are more likely to appear during a search. Need help with your digital marketing? Then contact WSI OMS today. Please follow and like...

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How to Get Ahead During COVID-19

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On Wednesday, 8 April, I hosted a webinar discussing how business can get ahead during COVID-19. Over three hundred digital marketers and business owners attended the sessions, where we covered practical ways of doing a competitive analysis. Why now? Some businesses are pausing their digital marketing services due to times being uncertain, but when things change – and they always do – they may find that stopping their SEO activities, for example, has left them in a poor position in Google SERPS.  Instead of setting yourself up for a difficult time in the second half of 2020, you can use this time to strengthen your business. On Facebook, I’ve seen many people using the lockdown period to get to some serious decluttering and DIY-ing around the house. In the same way that some restaurants close down for renovations so they can be a better business when they reopen, you should using this ‘shut down’ period to renovate your digital strategy – and you do this by looking at what your competitors are doing. Take stock of your digital presence with a marketing audit Use this lockdown to sit back and look at the big picture of your business’ digital marketing strategy. You may find that your market is changing and there are new areas to focus on. Take stock of your digital presence by doing a marketing audit. During the webinar, I discussed how digital marketers need to do what they do best – stay on top of the latest trends, understand the data and the insights it provides, and know what their clients’ clients are doing. Then we discussed the different components of a marketing audit (website audit, SEO audit, content audit, social audit and insights). Watch the webinar replay to learn how to do a competitive analysis Over the next few weeks, WSI will be running a free webinar series to share practical digital marketing tips, tricks, and best practices that you can use to overcome the marketing obstacles you are facing today. Based on some of the recent research we’ve seen, companies that embrace digital marketing will be in a much better position to engage and network with their customers through this crisis. These 30 minute webinars will occur every Wednesday from April 1 – May 6 | 11:30 AM – 12 PM EDT Topics being covered: April 1 – Video Marketing: How Using Video Creates Revenue, Retention, and Relationships for Your Business April 8 – Competitive Research: How to Analyze the Marketing Activities of Your Competitors to Get Ahead April 15 – Database Management: Learning the Basics of Managing Your Customer Database to Grow Your Business April 22 – Persona-Based Marketing: Understanding Your Target Audience...

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Getting ahead during COVID-19

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On Wednesday, 8 April, I’ll be hosting a webinar on using competitive research to find out how your competitor’s marketing activities have changed and how you can get ahead. This forms part of the WSI Ahead of the Curve series, which shares practical digital marketing tips and best practices to help you combat the impact of COVID-19 on your business. Doing an updated competitive analysis is important during the COVID-19 crisis. During the webinar, you will learn how to use competitor research to find out how competitors in your industry have changed their marketing activities and how you can adjust your digital strategies to gain a competitive edge. You will also learn how you can use your competitors’ marketing strengths and weaknesses to your advantage and how to prioritise your efforts when implementing your research and insights. Register for the webinar here: Please follow and like...

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Social Media Marketing: LinkedIn Sponsored Content

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Sponsored content on LinkedIn is a sure-fire way of getting your social media marketing aimed at the correct audience. Use this guide to help you create LinkedIn sponsored content.  Get Picky With Your Promoted Content The first step is to choose what content you want to promote. It may be a blog post or a web page featuring a promotion. Copy the URL, go to your company page on LinkedIn and paste the URL into the update box where it reads: “Share an article or photo” and post the article, photo or link.  The post will now appear in your timeline. Above the post, you will see a grey arrow with the words “Sponsor now”. When you click on the link, you will be taken to your LinkedIn campaign manager. Work the LinkedIn Campaign Manager Once you are in your LinkedIn campaign manager, you can go through all the processes you need to in order to promote your content. LinkedIn’s campaign manager is very similar to Facebook’s campaign manager. Click on the article link that you want to promote and click on “create a campaign” in the top right corner. You can choose whether you want to promote your content with targeted native advertising, drive traffic from the desktop with ads, or send targeted messages directly to people. If you want to sponsor the content, click on the top option that reads: “Promote your content with targeted native advertising”. Next, you will name your campaign, choose your objectives, select your audiences, the location you want to target, and how you want to target them. You can target people by fields of study, member groups, job titles, job function, years of experience, and a host of other options that aren’t available to you with Facebook ads. If you’re looking for ways to improve your social media marketing strategy and online reputation management, contact WSI OMS today for a consultation. Please follow and like...

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Content Marketing: How to Make the Most out of Every Holiday

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The holidays are an increasingly important time for brands. Those that thoughtfully plan and execute their content marketing efforts with precision constantly reap rich rewards. The goal and advice for you will be to not necessarily take advantage of people’s relaxed spirits during holidays to boost sales, though that is always the ultimate benefit.  Indeed, a more immediate goal and benefit can be to increase your brand visibility and awareness at a time people are more receptive to marketing messages. The reality, though, is brands don’t always get their content marketing right during holidays. This guide will make that right: Dress-Up Your Website to Capture the Holiday Spirit Capturing the emotions and setting the relaxed and jolly mood commonly associated with the holidays are essential for attracting consumer attention during holidays. By bringing a sense of joy and celebration to each and every webpage, you will ensure your visitors’ enthusiasm and keep them clicking on your website. Leverage the Magic of ‘Free’ and Incentivise Engagement With a Give-Away People love free gifts; even more so during holidays. What better way to leverage the allure of give-aways than to hold an online contest? The interest the contest generates will bring more traffic to your page, some of which will also convert as sales and subscribers. Optimize Your Social Media Content Around Specific Holiday Themes Statistics gathered by Sprout Social show that people are more likely to spend and connect with brands during holidays. For perspective, consider how conversations around Black Friday and Cyber Monday dominate social media. However, Sprout Social also advises creating content that’s irrelevant to the holiday your audience is celebrating. Create a post that showcases your product in each holiday’s true spirit. And, do not forget to add a link to your website. Share Some Useful Last-Minute Gift Ideas Gift buying can be a challenge when buying for certain people, and this often means that it is left to the last minute. By offering last-minute gift ideas you are not only giving your customers valuable advice, but you are also saving them from the embarrassment of not finding the right gift on time. Get Your Email Campaign in Shape for the Holidays  Customers are eagerly awaiting your emails that offer pre-holiday discounts, especially if they are celebratory in nature and incorporate beautiful images. Stay cool and simply time a few emails effectively. Here are a few more tips: Offer early-bird discounts a few months prior already, Offer online purchasing only discounts, Incorporate an exclusive discount code in the email, Create a sense of urgency by sending out the last chance for online ordering email, and Finally, with a few days remaining, send out a simple greeting with...

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