Putting Google and Facebook’s Free Attribution Tools to Work

Posted by on Jan 7, 2020 in Digital Media Marketing |

With so many digital marketing tools available, marketers have more data than they can make sense of. Trying to synthesise all this data and to draw useful insights from it is a challenging job. Thanks to the free attribution tools now offered by the two major advertising platforms, combining data and tracking progress across the tools available from the two platforms can now be accomplished with a few clicks. Google, arguably the world’s largest online advertising platform, pioneered the use of attribution tools, which they made free to use. The Google Attribution tool pulls data from the search giant’s stable of reporting tools, which include Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Search Ads 360 as well as Google Data Studio. Facebook, the world’s second-largest online advertising platform later followed suit with its own free attribution tool. Are you using these free attribution tools to improve your reporting and to optimize your online marketing efforts? You should be. Here are three tips to help you get the most out of these tools: Know what Each Platform Offers  For instance, in terms of cross-platform attribution, Google’s attribution services are limited to Google properties and Facebook clicks (but not impressions), while Facebook’s attributions allow for insights into multiple partners, although there are some major social platforms missing. The services also differ drastically in terms of verifiability. For example, Google’s attribution services’ verifiability capability is low due to the fact that data is confined within the Google-owned ad network. Facebook’s attribution services are somewhat better because cross-platform capabilities enable cross-referencing.  Don’t Waste Any More Time. Get Started NOW  You definitely do not want to put off embracing the power of either Google or Facebook’s free attribution services. This is especially true for Facebook, as the tool will not have access to any historical data after set-up has taken place. In short, the tool will only track from the day that you set it up going forward. So, do not wait!  Seek Professional Help  Optimising Google and Facebook’s free attribution services for your business can be challenging if you are not familiar with social media marketing in general. In this case, it can be endlessly beneficial to enlist the help of a digital marketing professional to assist you in getting the hang of it.  Here at WSI OMS, we help businesses put the combined attributes of digital marketing, PPC, social media marketing strategy and SEO to work. Used with the eminently useful free attribution tools from Google and Facebook, they have the power to supercharge your marketing and position your brand ahead of your competitors. Contact us today to learn how to put attribution tools to work. Please follow and like...

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The 6 Most Important Benefits of Using Facebook Advertising for Holiday Marketing

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Holidays are a good time to boost sales for your business as consumers find it easier to justify purchases around holidays than at most other times. But, with every other business targeting the same holiday periods with offers, standing out from all the noise can prove challenging. Smart marketers are leveraging the power of social media marketing. And, Facebook Advertising, in particular, to position their brands in front of target customers. Here are the top six benefits of using Facebook Advertising to boost your holiday marketing efforts: It Puts Your Brand and Marketing Messages in Front of More People  People are always on the look-out for great deals on gifts throughout the festive season. So, by enhancing your reach through paid advertising on Facebook, you are certain to generate a much higher number of website visitors and, hopefully, conversions.  It Helps You Target the Right People  You can ensure that your marketing budget is well-spent with Facebook’s accurate targeting options. Target by gender, age, interests and more.  It Gives You More Ad Formats to Test With  From canvas ads to slideshow ads and everything in between, the Facebook advertising platform has gone out of its way to allow marketers to really get creative.  It Enables You to Compete with the Bigger Players in Your Niche Why should you consider running Facebook ads during the holidays? Because you can be 100% certain that your competition is! The only way to keep up is to follow suit – and do it better.  It Spreads Your Marketing Messages During a Time People Are Most Likely to Buy  At any other time of the year, people will think twice before purchasing something – even if it is offered to them at a decent price. During the holidays, however, people are ready and often looking to make a purchase. Entice them with a worthwhile offer, and you are highly likely to convert them with minimal effort or spend.  Gives You the Tools to Set Your Own Budget and Track How You’re Spending It  Facebook advertising allows you to choose your budget from the get-go, so you are always aware of what you are spending.  Facebook Advertising has some of the highest conversion rates in online marketing. If you aren’t yet, it is high time you put them to work in your business. With our expertise and years of experience with online reputation management, digital marketing, and social media marketing, at WSI OMS we are the perfect people with work if you’re looking to make ground quickly. Contact us to discuss your needs. Please follow and like...

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Tech Trends for 2020

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Staying up to date with the latest technology can help to keep your business ahead of the curve and on top of your competitors. As 2019 slowly comes to a close, you may be wondering what to expect from tech trends in 2020. Here is a quick breakdown of what we expect to be amongst the top 6 trends to help you prepare.   Hyper-Automation This could be bad news for certain jobs, but good news for productivity. Hyper-automation is taking centre stage. This essentially means that there will be a trend to automate absolutely everything in a business that it is possible to automate.  Transparency and Traceability  Over the next few years, the focus will shift to maximising the reduction of brand and reputational risk. This will be accomplished with the help of artificial intelligence specialists who will focus their attention on allowing for maximum transparency and traceability when it comes to potential cyber risks.  AI Security  According to experts, a sizeable portion of cyber attacks will leverage training data poisoning, AI model theft or adversarial samples by the time 2022 rolls around. Artificial intelligence can aid in boosting cyber security machine learning. In particular, it has proven to be extremely useful when it comes to detecting cyber threats. This is based on a machine’s ability to analyse data and identify a threat before it exploits a vulnerability in information systems. Human Augmentation Nowadays, businesses design for humans. However, over the course of the next few years, tech trends are anticipated to revolve around architecting humans themselves by adopting human augmentation technologies and methodologies. Human augmentation technologies are essentially devices that contribute to advanced sensory capabilities, such as glasses for viewing augmented visual content.  Multi-Experience As we all know, customer experience is the key to business success. Next year, organisations need to focus not only on providing their customers with the best possible experience, but also providing them with every experience possible. This includes from a web, mobile and conversational to an augmented reality perspective.  Empowered Edge  Come 2023, over half of enterprise-generated data will be created and processed outside the data centre or cloud.  Here at WSI OMS, we are constantly hot on the heels of the latest tech trends. And, we are happy to help your business do the same. Contact us today to learn more about our digital marketing services. Please follow and like...

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3 Social Media Predictions for 2020

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Social media plays an integral part in your company’s digital reputation and should, therefore, have priority placement in your digital marketing strategy. If you’re wondering how to dominate the social media sphere starting from next year, here are a few predictions in terms of what to expect.  Instagram Will Remove its ‘likes’ Functionality We hear you! How will brands measure the impact of a campaign if they cannot see the exact number of how many people liked a post? Not with ease! Brands will have one of two options to ensure that their campaign success is still measurable:  Run Instagram ads, or  Pay an influencer. Running Instagram ads will probably be a safer option. Instagram seemed to be serious about getting rid of this functionality, claiming that it is for the greater good. In reality, it is a move that will likely see a sizable increase in the platform’s bottom line. However, if this change does come into effect, advertisers are also potentially going to set their sights on making their mark on another platform altogether. The final decision is said to be released early next year.  Social Will Start Affecting Search  There has been much debate over just how much a company’s social media following and reputation affects its SEO rankings. In 2020, it is predicted that social will start having a much more powerful and noticeable effect on search results. This means that brands should start working on improving their social media presence now in order to benefit.  Free Social Media Scheduling Tools  There is talk amongst digital marketing professionals that Google may soon introduce a free social media scheduling tool. If this is indeed true, brands’ social media related expenses are sure to decrease quite substantially, leaving them with more budget for paid advertising.  Looking for assistance with social media marketing? Allow the experts at WSI OMS to lend a hand. Contact us for more information today. Please follow and like...

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4 Web Design Trends of 2019 – Are You Up to Date?

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A lot has changed in the world of web design this year. The question is, have you been quick enough when it comes to embracing the latest web design trends in order to reap the benefits? If not, here is what you should be doing before the year-end.  Go Big or Go Home  Research has shown that wide designs for desktops promote higher user engagement numbers. These wider designs allow for quality, eye-catching imagery and a crisp, clean aesthetic that makes a brand all the more relatable.  Adopt a Mobile-First Policy  Ensure that your website is able to adapt to any device that may be used to browse it – mobile phones, in particular. It is a fact that mobile phones accounted for more than half of all website traffic in 2019, and these numbers are set to continue to climb year upon year.  Video Content 2014 saw blogging take off as the most important type of content any website could have. In 2019, the focus has shifted over to video content. Video content, from product demos to testimonials, is sure to have a positive effect on any consumer interested in what your business has to offer. Do your best to post new video content on a regular basis to see a drastic improvement in your website’s SEO rankings.  Black and White Palettes  Minimalism has taken over the world. We see it in food, décor, fashion and, now, web design. Many on-trend websites are embracing the simplistic, yet impactful black and white palette. The overall aesthetic is striking and daring, ultimately drawing more attention to textures and shapes in the design.  Need assistance with a website redesign so that you can start afresh come 2020? Get in touch with the digital marketing experts at WSI OMS today! We specialise in web design, web development, SEO and more. Please follow and like...

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