Online tools for digital marketers

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Whether you’re a small business owner or a digital marketer working with a limited budget, you’re most likely trying to get the most value for your money when it comes to online marketing tools. Luckily, there are some great tools available to help you with most of your marketing activities, and many of them are free or incredibly affordable.  Online tools that every business owner or digital marketer should know of:   SEO Tools  SEO Book Tools The latest tools from SEO Book will provide you with all the benefits of the expertise from across the marketplace. The site offers training courses, as well as audio and video content on the latest updates within the SEO marketplace. It also lists the latest tools for growing companies. SmallSEOTools Whether you’re looking to check the authority of a particular domain, conduct a reverse image search for your SEO campaign or check Alexa rankings, the options available through will provide the ideal resource.  SEOToolSet SEOToolSet focuses on the in-depth data that your SEO campaigns need to thrive. Tools include the latest reporting options to gain insight on elements such as link analysis and domain indexing. The data revealed by these tools can help keep your firm moving forward toward its SEO objectives and driving efficiency within your campaigns. Raven Tools From finding and fixing errors within your SEO campaigns to getting rankings from Google, the options within Raven’s tools will keep your campaigns moving successfully forward. Raven’s standalone site-auditor is a great tool to quickly find and eliminate SEO flaws that could otherwise see your content penalised within the rankings. WebCEO WebCEO’s suite of SEO tools will provide you with enterprise-level features for comprehensive SEO campaign management. The company also offers tools for link detoxing and local SEO campaign management to keep your company connected to your local audiences. Tools for content marketing  Outbrain Outbrain helps optimise your content, amplify content reach, and ensures it connects with relevant audiences across your marketplace. You’ll achieve higher engagement across your campaigns and thereby maximise revenue growth over the long-term. Curata Curata is the ideal tool for a streamlined content production and analysis process. The solution helps you to drive content ideation while giving you clear data on the types of content most valuable to your qualified audiences. It also allows you to build a predictable content supply chain that takes pieces from the draft stage through to analysis and their use within the conversion optimisation process. Ahrefs Content Explorer Through the Ahrefs Content Explorer, you can learn the most popular content on any topic. The tool allows you to use filters and sort information via language, traffic, backlinks, and word count among other...

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Social Media’s Fake Follower Economy Is Doomed

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While B2B business owners may not be aware of this, most digital marketers know that there’s a huge ‘fake follower’ economy in the internet marketing world. People can easily go onto sites like and buy followers for their Twitter, Instagram or Facebook pages. They can just as easily buy likes and comments. The problem with the fake follower economy is that it is pointless. These followers are often located in other countries and they don’t have active, engaging accounts – they’re simply paid to like and comment on whatever they’re being paid to comment on. On the outside, it may seem like your competitors are much more popular than you, but on closer inspection, you may come to realise that a large majority of their followers are from paid accounts. The New York Times recently published an exposé on Devumi, a prominent purveyor of fake followers, which concluded that he was in control of over 3.5-million fake Twitter accounts. One of the major problems with Devumi’s army of fake followers is that many of them use personal information and photos of real users. Businesses are risking their reputations by buying fake followers as impersonation and identity theft are illegal in many countries. This type of dubious social media arbitrage is very different from influencer marketing, where you partner with social media influencers to review or promote your brand. Influencer marketing can have a real impact on your brand awareness and bottom line, and it’s more expensive and time-consuming to get right than buying fake followers. If you want to amplify your brand with digital marketing strategies that are above board and can potentially have a big impact on your digital goals, then contact WSI OMS Please follow and like...

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