LinkedIn Hacks to Make You Look Like a Pro

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LinkedIn is an incredible platform with more than 467 million members worldwide. This provides an excellent opportunity for anyone who wants to do more with their professional life. Here are a few LinkedIn hacks that will make you look like a pro: Add A Showcase Page If you have a business page on LinkedIn, you can add a Showcase page to promote permanent aspects of your business, such as annual events, news, product lines and more. The Showcase page offers many of the same features as a Company page, but offers a space to link employee profiles, have career pages and even job posting pages. You can also include sponsor updates, page analytics and update notifications. These pages appear in search results for searches and members can follow your Showcase page. Test Your Profile Shots It is hard to judge your own photos. Many times, a photo of yourself that you like may not present you as trustworthy and attractive. One way to make sure you are using your best photos is to use Photofeeler to split test the photos that you are going to use. Photofeeler is a free online tool that lets the public vote on your photos. When you upload your photo, people will vote on the images in terms of likability, competence and influence. Use Other Social Platforms To Grow Your LinkedIn Network If you do not have many connections on LinkedIn, start searching for people on your Facebook, Twitter and Email list. From here, you can move onto your former colleagues, old school friends and people you meet and industry events. Make a point of adding all your connections on LinkedIn. Need help with your social media marketing? Then contact WSI OMS today. Please follow and like...

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Setting Up a Facebook Business Page That Allows the Public to Engage With You (Or Not)

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It is important to have more than one person assigned to manage your Facebook business page in case the profile of the person who created the page is ever compromised. Under the Page Roles tab in Settings, you can choose different roles such as Admin, Editor, Moderator, Advertiser, Analyst and Live Contributor. These roles give people varying degrees of access to page functions. Include at least two administrators to manage all aspects of the page and add the rest of the roles as needed. Under page settings, you can set the public’s ability to tag photos, post to your page, and reach out to you via private message. Allowing people to post to your page and tag photos is a great way to allow your online community to interact with your brand, but this may require a lot of moderation. Consider whether you will have a full-time moderator checking the content to your page before you enable this setting. We would advise disabling this feature if you are not able to moderate your Facebook business page daily. If you choose to allow people to post to your page, you can take pre-emptive measures to filter out inappropriate content or posts. The Profanity Filter in the settings tab blocks offensive language. Under the Page Moderation setting, you can block specific words so that comments and posts including these words are automatically marked as spam. If you see a competitor with an impressive Facebook strategy, you can learn from them by using the feature “Pages to Watch”, which is located under the Insights tab. Need help with your social media marketing? Then contact WSI OMS today. Please follow and like...

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How to Use Videos on Instagram More Effectively

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The launch of Instagram Stories has been a game changer, but many brands report that fewer people are engaging with their feed photos since this launch. This means that marketers need to use videos along with photos if they want to effectively engage with their audience on Instagram. The same rules that apply for photos also apply for videos on Instagram: you have to capture users’ attention within the first three seconds. If you are doing a video, you might want to consider adding text on top of the video or make sure that your video’s thumbnail is really interesting. When you record a video for Instagram, you have the option to scroll to the “Cover” option, move through your entire video and choose an interesting shot for your thumbnail picture. If you have the ability to edit videos outside of Instagram and import it into Instagram, we highly recommend doing this. This way, you can film a video and include something like text or a well-designed heading to draw people into your video. Solve a Problem Your Instagram video should identify a problem that your target audience faces and show how your product or service can solve that problem. When you are able to solve a problem that a potential client faces, you will create an emotional bond with them. When they are ready to make a purchase, they will be spending their money with you. Need help with your social media marketing? Then contact WSI OMS today. Please follow and like...

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Text On Top Of Images in Instagram – Yay or Nay?

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Some “Instagram purists” believe that you should never add text on top of a photo in Instagram, but if you look at the engagement rates of photos in Instagram, then it is clear that this is a great way to grab attention. The reason for this is that people scroll through photos on Instagram quite quickly, so you do not have a lot of time to pull them in. If you have a massive offering, for example a 40% off offer, then putting it in your photo caption might not be enough. Adding this text on top of a photo of your merchandise can be a great way to hit your audience over the head with an offer that they do not want to miss. Putting text on top of photos should be used sparingly, though, as good photos and great designs are what will keep your audience engaged in the long run. Here are a few ways to add text to your photos on Instagram: WordSwag is a mobile app for both Android and iOS that lets you create quotes and text on images. There are a vast array of styles and fonts to choose from. PicLab is a cross-platform photo app with a text tool as well as a robust selection of digital features such as clip art, stickers and features that allow you to create collages and magazine pages. Canva is a desktop tool that has a wide array of templates ranging from Facebook profile pictures to book covers. Regardless of whether you are using text on top of photos or not, we cannot stress the importance of good design and photography. You have to visually capture people’s attention right away with strong visuals and high contrast. Need help with your social media marketing? Then contact WSI OMS today. Please follow and like...

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Smarter Ways to Write Your Instagram Bio and Photo Captions

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Are you using Instagram as part of your social media marketing strategy? Here are a few advanced tips to consider when writing your Instagram bio and photo captions: Be Smart With The Link In Your Bio You can include a link in your Instagram bio. Use this link to direct people to more content. You may not necessarily want to send them directly to your e-commerce website, but rather to your blog or YouTube channel instead. Consider where your Instagram followers are in their buyers’ journey to choose the right link to include. If you are running a promotion, then include information about the promotion in your Instagram bio as well as a link that will send them directly to the page where they can purchase the product. We usually recommend that Instagram marketers use Bitly links or another link that they can track for promotional purposes on Instagram. Remember that you can update your Instagram bio regularly, so you do not have to stick to a static “About Us” description like the one you have on your website. Include A Link To Your Bio In Your Captions Each and every picture that you post on Instagram needs a well thought out caption. A great tip for Instagram marketers is to end the caption with a link to your account. This may seem counterintuitive, but if you consider that many people will be seeing your posts in their Instagram feeds or the Explore tab, then it makes sense to direct them back to your profile. Need help with your social media marketing? Then contact WSI OMS today. Please follow and like...

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