A Few Red Flags You Should Look Out for when Approaching a Copywriting Service

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There are thousands of copywriting services available in South Africa today. These include large departments within some of the most reputable marketing organisations, right the way through to freelance copywriters working out of their homes. This piece will look at a few red flags you should look out for before hiring a copywriter. Your Chosen Copywriter doesn’t have any Samples or a Portfolio for You Whether you’ve chosen to hire a freelancer or a marketing firm to tackle your copywriting needs, you will need to at least see some of their work before bringing them on board. Taking a look at pervious work can give you an insight into what you’ll be getting for your money. The last thing you want to do is pay for a sub-standard service that proves to be completely ineffective. Outrageously Low Prices Far too many business fall into this trap: They search the net and get a bunch of quotes for the work they want to get done and end up settling on the offer that costs the least. Copywriting is very much similar to design in that you get what you pay for – rather spend that little bit extra knowing that you’re going to receive a quality service. Contact the team at WSI OMS today to learn more about our excellent copywriting service and how it can help your company in its bid for marketing excellence. Please follow and like...

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What to expect from your copywriter

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As a small business, you may be wondering what to expect from a professional copywriter. Your business has unique needs and requirements; these need to be appropriately communicated. This means that you need to have copy that captures the attention of your audience. Here are a few things that you can expect. Experience in the industry Each industry has differing nuances and jargon. It is important that your copywriter understands your industry. If they do not, they may fail to adequately communicate with your target audience. If they do not have this knowledge, it is important that you can provide them this information. A good copywriter will be able to research your industry and clients. An understanding of your business In order to write effectively, you need to explain your business needs in a clear and concise way. This will make sure that they writing you get is clear, to the point and achieves your objectives. The more comprehensive the information that you provide is, the better your overall outcome will be. Make sure that you are available to answer questions should this be necessary. A valuable contribution to your content strategy Once you hire a professional copywriter, you will instantly see the improvement in your content generation strategy. Not only will content be generated on a consistent basis, you will see an improvement in the quality of the writing that you are receiving. They will also be able to look for new ideas for your business. WSI Internet Marketing has professional copywriters, which can assist your small business with your content generation strategy. To find out how we can help you, get in touch with us by visiting www.wisoms.co.za Please follow and like...

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How Can a Copywriter Break Out of a Creative Rut?

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Copywriters tend to be creative by nature, able to write about and promote websites, products and services seemingly effortlessly. However, the dreaded “writer’s block” can affect even the most prolific writer, sometimes at the most inconvenient times. Writer’s block can be overcome by using a few simple techniques and giving yourself a break when you need it most. Break Down the Common Blocks to Creativity One of the most common creative blocks for a copywriter is being afraid their words will not make sense to the reader. Writers have a need to make sure the reader understands what they are saying. However, this fear can actually damage a writer’s ability to communicate what they want to say and actually block their words. If you can overcome this fear (or at least put your paranoia on the backburner) and accept the fact that you can get their point across effectively, you will be able to lift the block. Give Yourself Time to Rest and Play If you are working long hours with hardly any time for yourself or your family, you are sure to become burnt out. Instead, set office hours for yourself and give your mind a rest during your off hours. Give yourself permission to have fun with your kids, family or go out with friends; or, if you prefer, spend time alone reading, doing crafts or another fun activity. If you are able to figure out what rejuvenates you, you will find you won’t be burned out as often and can even come up with more interesting and creative work. Write First, Edit Later Many copywriters tend to write and edit their work as they go along; this only leads to creating a block on your creativity. Instead, let the words flow and write until you are finished saying what you need to stay, then go back and edit your work. This not only allows for a more creative space for writing, it also gives you time to think about what you wrote objectively so you can edit more effectively. Believe in Your Writing Ability Copywriters are notorious for not believing in their own ability to write. If you don’t believe in yourself, you will find it very difficult to gain clients and write engaging content. Need help with your copywriting? Contact WSI OMS today! Please follow and like...

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How Copywriters Can Turn Social Interactions into Transactions

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People are very social creatures; we like to talk to friends and family about our daily lives and interests and we like to share our thoughts and feelings on networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. However, if a business tends to talk about themselves endlessly on their website or social media accounts, customers tend to avoid them and find their information elsewhere. If you are only writing about your products and brand you are going to turn off the very people you are trying to engage with. Think About What You Post Online Before sitting down and actually writing content for your blog, think about what your target audience is interested in. Writing compelling content is the only way to grab your readers’ attention and hold it. The type of content you use could be in the form of blog posts, articles, status updates on Facebook, video and Tweets promoting a new piece of content. If you can write an intriguing headline or Tweet, you will drive readers to your website because they will want to know what new information you have posted. Once there, you need to give them the information they are looking for, answer any possible questions they have and you will find they are more likely to buy a product from you, because you have earned their trust and loyalty. Find Your Niche Instead of being a jack-of-all-trades type of copywriter or marketer, focus your writing on specific niche subjects. You can start with topics you are knowledgeable about, or even on keywords that people are searching for. If you share your knowledge on a topic, for example fitness and health, readers will know the products you sell or promote will benefit their lives and they will start trusting you as a credible source of information in this field. You need to show your expertise in everything you post on your website; from articles to blog posts, let the readers know this is the right place for them for all their health, fitness, fashion, makeup or food needs. Have an Open Door Policy for Content Even if you write your content yourself, it can actually help your business to have guest bloggers, writers or content providers create work for your website. A fresh perspective, new information and expert advice will certainly bring customers back to your blog or website. It not only gives an interactive aspect to your website, which many people love, but it also gives readers new and different viewpoints on the same topics. Need help with your copywriting? Contact WSI OMS today! Please follow and like...

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Writers: How to Copywrite So People Really Desire Your Products

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Writing is an art form and for copywriters, completing their best work for a client is nothing short of fulfilling a passion. Businesses benefit from a passionate writer who truly desires to put words to paper (or websites) in order to promote a product or service in a compelling way. In order for a copywriter to complete their work so that customers will really want your products, you have to find a writer whose primary motive is customer service. Writing compelling copy A writer needs to be able to pick out the most important aspects of a product or service and make it sing to the customer. This means they must be able to anticipate what a potential customer will want or desire in a new product and highlight those points. This doesn’t mean you have to make a lot of far-fetched claims and write cheesy pay-off lines, this will more likely keep buyers away, but instead offer great information which answers the customer’s questions about the product. Writers need to focus not on what will look good and shiny for a visitor to the website, but on giving the customer what they will need to make the decision to purchase that product over another competing one. This takes discipline, hard work and getting your own ego out of the way when you are writing. Copywriters may want to make things fluffy, but that may not be what the readers need to hear. Grab the Readers Attention In order to make sales, you must grab the reader’s attention and hold it. You have to write copy that will explain everything and anything they need to know about the product you are promoting and possibly answer any other questions the reader might have. Instead of using empty words, fill the page with informative, interesting text about why this particular product will benefit the consumer. Another strategy is to empathise with the reader, but do not go overboard with this strategy. It is better to acknowledge the problem or issue they may be having and provide the solution; in this case, direct the reader to find out more about the product you are promoting. In a few short sentences you can convert a reader into a lifelong customer just by writing what your reader wants to read. If you create compelling, interesting and informative articles or content your readers can learn from, you will more likely gain a customer for your brand. Need help with your copywriting? Contact WSI OMS today! Please follow and like...

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