Making Your ‘About Us’ Page Effective!

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The second most important page on a website after its homepage is its “About Us” page. The “About Us” page is a business’s chance to stake its claim as a viable player. To accomplish that successfully, the business needs a powerful and succinct ‘elevator pitch’ and supporting key messages. An enormous marketing opportunity is lost when those key elements are missing from the “About Us” page—which is a logical destination for many who have become intrigued by a provider’s product or service offerings. A 35-word elevator pitch that tells visitors what type of business you are, what you offer, who you are targeting, what makes you special, and what value you provide Your most differentiating key message about your unique experience, skills, product or service, customer base, etc. Your second most differentiating key message about your unique experience, skills, product or service, customer base, approach or technique, etc. A brief company description explaining who you are, where you’re based, how long you’ve been in business, what your philosophy or business promise is, what the highlights of your experience have been, etc. Imagine that your homepage and “About Us” page are the only two pages that your visitor will see. How to Check the Effectiveness of Your “About Us” Page Draft print and lay it next to printouts of your competitors’ “About Us” pages. Compare each one as though you were a potential customer. Prepare a spreadsheet and display the different competitors’ copy, column by column. What is your main and secondary claim of differentiation? Whatever the company is hanging its hat on is its main differentiator. Call that row “Primary Differentiator” on your spreadsheet plus as many secondary claims or messages you can identify. Who is the target buyer or ‘persona’? Are they small business owners, large organisations, marketing, financial or IT managers? Call that row “Target Buyer” on your spreadsheet. What value/benefit is the competitor promising? It could be clearly defined or be poorly written as an inherent benefit that you must try and decipher? Now that you have a nicely laid-out spreadsheet that compares the content of your “About Us” page with that of your competitors’, conduct an apples-to-apples comparison. By the end, you can determine just how well your page stacks up. Please follow and like...

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Florida Brain Injury Lawyers: Use Blogs as a Powerful Marketing Tool

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Our WSI Franchise network is the best. We have over 1,000 consultants worldwide and we all support each other in educating our clients on how to market their business online. This post is written by my colleague Patrick Hogan in Florida, USA and is pertinent to any law firm. Here is his post. Attorneys spend thousands, sometimes tens of thousands, of dollars per month marketing their services on billboards, TV ads, radio ads, mass mailing, or even online pay-per-click marketing.  And, of course, by now all lawyers have the five page website showing a strong-willed lawyer with arms crossed and a scale.  But now, in an effort to gain clients in a more cost effective manner, many attorneys have found the great benefits of blogging to suit their practice very well. What is a Blog? Although everyone has at least heard of a blog by now, most don’t realize the multitude of way they can be used to interact with the community for marketing purposes.   At its core, a blog is simply the writer informing the world of anything they want in the form of posts which they can update as often as desired.  All people, lawyers in particular, have a knowledge base they can share with the world.  With the internet and search engines, it has never been more possible for the people who need that information to find their way to your blog. The first questions we always get from lawyers contemplating  blog development is “how do we generate posts?”  We give them this list of possibilities at first, but eventually each finds their voice and needs no further coaching about what to write.  Here are some helpful suggestions for possible posts: Make a list of anything relating to your practice Share good links, framed around your comments about what you like or don’t like about the content. Tell a story about a client or case Share your legal experience in a way it can help potential clients Find guest bloggers, or have everyone in the practice write Comment on a pending law How Can a Lawyer Benefit From a Blog? One of the biggest reasons for a lawyer to blog is to gain search engine traffic through content marketing.  Web properties (websites, blogs, social media sites) are essentially just fishing for words, the words people type into the search box, to attract people to their site.  The more words you have on your site, the more nets you have out in the water to catch visitors.  Most of your blog posts will be directly relevant to your practice so the visitors you get to will be highly targeted. A well written blog usually creates a better...

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Let your words spin their magic

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Words spin magic in the minds of others; therefore let your words do their bit of magic by selling for your client. Write better and sell more, using your words to their best advantage while satisfying your customer’s needs. The written word can transform the most mediocre site into something quite spectacular. Most of us do not consider ourselves writers, as few of us have that claim to fame that the likes of Nadine Gordimer or Bryce Courtney have, but don’t let this deter you, as the most important point when writing copy is the power of persuasion. Selling online and selling face to face have similarities. Selling is selling, no matter which angle you look at it. Writing copy is no different from selling a product door to door, and clinching the deal. One way to get started is by continuously asking yourself: “What is in it for my client?” All the client is interested in is how their needs and requirements can be met, and could not care less how fabulous your product, you or your business is. All they really want is what you can do for them. Remember – customer is  king When writing for your client, the words you and yours should replace the words I and me, as all they are concerned about is what you, the copy writer, can deliver and offer them to make their business grow from strength to strength,  increasing their sales. Zoning in on the client gives the reader a sense of security – let them know you care about what they need to solve their problems. Making your clients feel appreciated and unique, you give them the power. Be persuasive and use presumptuous words to make it all happen. Grab your client’s attention; make them glue their faces to your pages, and use whatever persuasive copy you will need to make them excited by your word power. Please follow and like...

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How to improve your copywriting skills

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Practice makes perfect, as the old adage goes, but there are most certainly formulae that works when writing convincing copy. Arriving at your desk and writing is simply not enough. There is far more to copywriting than meets the eye. Pointers that will grab the attention of your readers: You need not have a degree in English to be able to get your point across to your readers. All that it takes is something short and sweet, using everyday language that is not too flowery. Simple, clear, easy reading is what your readership is looking for. Not long, waffling articles that make you doze off. You should be able to grab the attention of your readers upfront with your opening sentence or heading. Aim to keep your articles concise and short. And by short, I am referring to the length of the sentences, to help your readers to absorb what they have just read (we have short concentration spans). Many paragraph breaks helps the reader to absorb information, too. When writing, it is imperative to keep the tone pleasant. A reader is able to pick up the “tone” from your writing and what mood you might be in; strange but true. And best of all, if you write about the big three, you will always have the attention of your audience. They are sex, danger and food; yep. If you discuss any of these topics, people will sit up and listen, really carefully. Such is human nature. Easy reading is what we aim for, especially when writing for the web. To sum up: aiming for short and sweet paragraphs and sentences that hold the attention of the reader, don’t use flowery words, just simple language, getting to the point, and sticking to the topic. Please follow and like...

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Great headings to put the wow factor back into copywriting

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We have become a society of instantaneous living! Fast food, drive by for banking, food, etc. We shop online for convenience, do our banking online, therefore it is really important to make copy really easy to read, and with a wow headline, that tells a story all by itself, you are bound to direct far more traffic to your site  – so make sure you are holding the undivided attention of your audience with great headings! Should you have a long- winded laborious waffling type of heading, you will not captivate the interest of the audience. In other words, the heading for your copy writing has to be so awesome, that anyone paying a visit will be extremely curious to find out more about that particular topic. Examples How does this sound? “Woman’s head blown off by blast” Come on – be perfectly honest, you would like to see the juice and find our more, find out how blood there is etc. Or how about does this sound? “Siamese Twins get married – joined at the head and also in life” Phenomenal copy We all thrive on controversial, exciting news. Gossip magazines sell, sell and sell some more because we all love to find out the juice. That is why reality is so cool on live television. We can do the same when writing copy, but the secret is to get your audience glued to your pages so that they will not be able to click away from your site. Phenomenal copy with outstanding ah! Ha! Headings and exciting sub-headings will drive the kind of traffic to your site that you crave. And for the very short concentration spans that all of us have when surfing, (because we are all so busy, busy, busy), the articles have to be short, sweet and really to the point. If we blather on and on the audience will get bored but oh so fast. Should you have ruined a brilliant article by making the heading average, then you should rethink how you can make your heading a little more engaging. Please follow and like...

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