3 Tricks for Successful Local SEO

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Local SEO is important for almost all types of businesses. However, for those businesses that rely solely on locals for an income, like hairdressers, doctors and lawyers, for example, local SEO is essential! Here are useful tricks to help you get it right: Google My Business  Even if you have never heard of ‘Google My Business’, you are definitely familiar with it. You know that information/fact sheet that pops up when you Google a company specifically by name? There you have it. Most will agree that the first step towards achieving successful local SEO is claiming your ‘Google My Business’ listing. You do this by following these easy steps: Google your business; Claim it and verify it with Google; Double check that all details included in your info sheet are accurate; Add images, check that your business is on Google maps and don’t forget to respond to reviews!   Make Use of Ad Extensions  PPC advertising is key to local SEO, especially when it comes to your ad extensions (all of which need to be targeted to your local audience). Make sure that you have a call extension, as well as a location extension that shows exactly where your business is located and just how far it is from each Google searcher’s present location.   Embrace Content Marketing  Target a local audience by giving your content marketing efforts a local spin. Talk about local events and news that may be relevant to your business.Be sure to include location keywords in any other blogs that you may post. If you’re still not happy with your company’s local SEO, it is always easier to turn to the experts, like WSI OMS, for assistance. As a leading digital marketing agency, we are here to lend a helping hand whatever your needs and expectations may be. Contact us today to learn more. Please follow and like...

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Reasons Why Your Digital Marketing Strategy Is Incomplete Without a Blog

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From email marketing to SEO and everything in between, digital marketing is an affordable, useful way in which to put your business on the map. However, if you have yet to start a blog or embrace the power of content marketing, it is very safe to say that your digital marketing strategy is currently incomplete. Here’s why:   It Enhances Your PPC Efforts  As most of us know, a quality landing page can help to reduce the cost per click when it comes to PPC advertising. Well, the good news is that content marketing, and blogs, in particular, provides you with a larger number of landing page opportunities – landing pages that are sure to save you money in the long run! Using blogs as landing pages is especially useful for targeting those customers who have yet to reach the buying stage of the sales funnel and who are still looking for more information. The blogs are sure to keep your business top of mind as long as you make use of remarketing techniques!   It Enhances Your SEO Efforts If you are to impress both Google and your prospective customers, a blog packed with high-quality content is a must. Once Google notices that you are regularly posting helpful content that is getting lots of engagement, your rankings are sure to soar.   It Enhances Your Social Media Marketing Efforts If you want to ensure successful social media marketing, you need to be posting the right content. Well, with a blog, you already have some awesome content to promote. It is a sure-fire way in which to direct more traffic to your website, which is the whole point of digital marketing anyway! Are you keen to start spending more time on your blog and the content marketing aspect of your digital marketing strategy? If so, be sure to call on us at WSI OMS for assistance! Please follow and like...

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Emotional engagement: What brands need to know

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What is the most important aspect of digital marketing? Quality? Quantity? Utilising all the tools at your disposal from social media marketing to SEO? No. The most important aspect of any digital marketing campaign is its ability to achieve emotional engagement from its audience. At the end of the day, emotional engagement is the real secret to achieving viral digital marketing, to ensuring brand awareness and to solidifying a robust online following. The question is, exactly how does a brand go about connecting with its audience on an emotional level? We offer some helpful tips below.   Find out what your audience is passionate about  Nothing stirs emotion more than something that you are passionate about, right? This is the main reason why understanding your target market inside and out is key to increasing levels of engagement. Also, remember that things are always changing – what your audience is passionate about today, may not be the same as what they are passionate about tomorrow.   Primary emotions  It is important to keep in mind is that emotional engagement is all about eliciting a specific emotion – and it need not be a positive one! (Although, recent studies have shown that content marketing pieces that bring about surprise and joy will be shared more often than those that bring about feelings of sadness or negativity). If you want to convince your audience to share your digital marketing efforts, this is the best to do:   Challenge them on something and prove them wrong; Provide shocking facts or statistics; Share interesting ideas or new approaches to doing certain things; Tell a true, relatable story; Ask provocative questions.   Would you like some help mastering the art of emotional engagement? If so, then you need WSI OMS in your corner. We are the digital marketing company that will transform your online presence for the better. Contact us today for more information about our digital marketing, search engine optimisation, website design and link building services. Please follow and like...

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We Know What Your SEO and Digital Marketing Strategy is Missing

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By now, every quality SEO/digital marketing strategy will include content marketing and social media. If yours does, good on you! However, seeing as though the realm of online marketing has changed so much over the last few months, there is a good chance that your digital strategy might still be missing one or two of the following components:   Internal Linking  When it comes to link building, for most companies that are looking to improve their SEO, the focus will be on creating external links. Unfortunately, this can lead to an underestimation of the power of building internal links. Nowadays, Google supplies websites with a huge SEO boost if they can prove that they are dedicated to providing their visitors with the best possible user experience. Well, internal links help to do exactly that by making it easier for visitors to navigate around your website. They also help to create a hierarchy for the website and spread ranking power to different pages.   Behaviour-Based Advertising  So, you think you know your target market… but do you really? Just like the digital marketing world itself, people are also constantly changing. People may change their opinions; they may change their preferences and they may be influenced by current events. You need to remain aware of all of this and alter your marketing tactics accordingly. How? By keeping a close eye on social media and the things that your audience is saying and talking about.   Experimentation  How can you be sure that something won’t work unless you put it to the test? Many digital marketers are too afraid to try something different for fear of losing or offending their already-existing clients. Unfortunately, it is this attitude that will quickly lead to boring, ineffective strategies and marketing. Trial-and-error is the best way in which to get to know your audience better – and the best way in which to set your business apart!   Need help perfecting your digital marketing strategy? Then get in touch with WSI OMS today! Please follow and like...

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Local SEO: The Top 4 Business Types that it Benefits

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Many believe that the SEO landscape is a dog eat dog world where big businesses dominate and small businesses fall short – unless they turn to local SEO, that is. By focusing their budgets and attention on appealing to and communicating with the local public alone, they are sure to see an increase in customer trust, brand awareness and a pretty awesome improvement in the form of their bottom line. Here are the 4 main types of businesses that would benefit most from local SEO:   Medical Services  Because the medical services industry is so specialised, the focus of local SEO should be on content marketing. Local medical professionals can make their businesses stand out by posting expert medical insights on their blog and social pages.   Legal Services  Obviously, when people need legal services, they will be searching for a law firm that is close to where they live or work, which means that they will almost always be using a location-based keyword in their Google search. Knowing this, all legal service professionals’ websites need to contain these keywords too.   Restaurants  The best way in which restaurants can make the most of local SEO, aside from using the right keywords, is to include patron reviews on their website. Did you know that about 60% of potential visitors read a restaurant review online before deciding to eat there or not?   Plumbers  More often than not, when searching for a plumber in your area, you are doing so because you have just been faced with an emergency. Knowing this, plumbers need to make their local SEO efforts stand out by assuring their potential customers that they will be there to assist regardless of the time of day (or night) that they are needed. Testimonials and content that is focused on providing solutions to common plumbing-related problems will also give these businesses a boost.   For help with mastering the art of local SEO, it is always a good idea to turn to WSI OMS. With our specialisation in SEO, content marketing and digital marketing in general, we have what it takes to ensure that everyone is talking about what you offer. Contact us today. Please follow and like...

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