Digital Marketing Training

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On the 5th & 6th December I attended the WSI Digital Marketing Training in Toronto. I was amongst the top 70 WSI Internet Consultants that were invited and it was a great opportunity to meet up with many of my friends from all over the world. There were 13 presentations and workshops and I was fortunate enough to present 9 of these sessions alongside Maribel Guiste, Francisco Hernandez, Doug Schust, Chris Schofield and Feras Alhlou. It was an honour for me to be presenting and I just have to mention all the WSI consultants that helped me to build a successful business. Ronnie Adelman who has been my mentor for 3 years now. He is a generous man and I have spent over 60 days in his office this year. Doug Schust who let me spend a couple of days in his office early on in the business. Along with Chuck Bankoff, Gary Levine & Feras Alhlou, all have openly shared their successes with me and I really appreciate their help. Competitor Analysis presentation: I presented and demonstrated the process I go through when doing a competitive analysis for my clients. Here is what we covered in this presentation When do you propose a Competitor Analysis? The benefits of a Competitor Analysis? How to do a Competitor analysis? What information to gather? My Competitor analysis toolbox Creating a Competitor dashboard Mapping the Competitor strategy Developing the ideal budget How to achieve results? How to measure the results? The competitor analysis report really helps to differentiate ourselves as Internet Marketing consultants and it has many benefits for our clients. We recommend a competitor analysis for a: New prospect start-up New product launch Client has own SEO team Client has difficulty in getting search traffic Client is using your competitor Client doesn’t know how much they should spend online The outcome of the competitor analysis is a dashboard containing the selected competitors online marketing information. Through careful interpretation we identify the competitor’s online strategies and develop a plan to compete effectively.     Our recommendations and costs to implement are presented in a spreadsheet and this serves as a roadmap for our client to achieve their online goals in a cost effective manner.   All the delegates received a sales sheet, the competitor analysis template and a step by step guide to help with implementation as well as the budget spreadsheet template. A number of WSI Internet Consultants have ordered a competitor analysis from our solution center and many have closed much larger deals through the use this tool. Please follow and like...

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Internet Marketing and YOUR business

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Have you ever questioned what Online Marketing is in simple words? You do not need any knowledge of specific online entrepreneurial slang to answer that. Online or Internet Marketing has the aim of grabbing a bigger part of the online market for your product. Content Marketing One of the most crucial parts in the successful internet marketing campaign is to make sure you get as much free traffic from Google and other search engines for the keywords in your niche; And when combined with PPC (Pay per Click) you will quickly create a stable stream of the ‘right’ visitors for your products online. Internet Marketing Strategy Is your business lost in the cyber desert of the World Wide Web? Without a clear-cut goal and a marketing strategy to brand your company, like many others it may die right before you very eyes. What is goal of an Internet Marketing Strategy? I’m sure that you have heard of a little company named Coca Cola. Even those of us who drink products made by other companies call their favorite cool drink a Coke. That is Branding. Kleenex is another example of branding. No one uses tissue paper they use Kleenex, no matter who makes the product. I hear what you are saying. Those companies spent millions of dollars developing their brands and creating their market. You would be right. However, I would respond with the truth that the rest of us need to be better at both branding our products and marketing them, than those large companies because of the size of our (currently) reducing budgets that we have to make work all the harder. Spending ‘Small ‘and looking ‘Big’! It is unlikely that your company will be going head to head with the likes of other giant corporate businesses. Instead we have our own giants that we need to defeat. The task seems to be just as daunting though because they seem to dominate everywhere your company wants to be on the Internet.So, how do we accomplish being able to look ‘big’ and carve out our niche on a shoestring budget? Strategy is the keyword. We must develop a strategy using our competitions strengths against them. We will need an experienced Internet marketing Company to help you look for and gather this information. WSI is such a company, having a global presence which enables all WSI consultants to tap into their world wide recourses, finding and using the right tools to provide information and give us all the data we need for a full online ‘Competitor Analysis’, straight from every competitors URL, in order to develop a strategy for each niche market that should be pursued. Niche Markets The goal...

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Internet Marketing MUST be an integral part of your advertising strategy

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Gone are the days when business marketing was only all about ‘above the line’ marketing…. The Scenario is much changed now. Today, success is pretty dependent on online marketing or better to say ‘Internet Marketing.’ Done with more efficiency and incorporating ideas those are cost effective, Internet Marketing is considered the logical next step in the advertising and marketing world nowadays. In this era, almost every company has its online interface, which helps the company in attaining a local and global outlook as well as leaving an impact on all the web-surfers and web researchers who can turn into clients. Keeping the target users in mind, internet marketing is done in a comprehensive manner. It incorporates several online marketing strategies, starting with On-line Competitor Analysis, Digital marketing strategies and plans including SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Management), link building, Content Marketing PPC (Pay per Click) Management and Social Media Marketing. The goal is to improve your search engine rankings Use a professional on-line marketing company that offers a coordinated range of internet marketing service to place your site into the top rankings for search engines. This can also be supported with the help of surveys, give-a ways and call to action strategies. Content is a King To make this statement more definite, I would change the phrase for – rich content is king. But what sense in creating the greatest content in the world if nobody can find and view it. If you want to run your online business successfully you have to be seen. Nonetheless, this is absolutely web-based marketing but it leaves a great impact on mass, which is considered the major USP of Internet Marketing. This cost-effective marketing tactic is absolutely measurable focuses on driving web/customer traffic and converting that into revenue influx and visitor count. A linking strategy is an absolute must Back links are the life blood of a successful site and although you might not actually see then, the search engines do and reward you as links back to your site are seen as subtle endorsements and can be built up with a strategy of regular blogging, using social media and on-line press releases tied into a communication strategy, but again save time and effort by getting professional assistance Before You Do Anything, Do Keyword Research Yes it is very important. Besides, keyword research does not mean that you should guess which keyword sounds good and will be ranked high in the search engines. Judging by my experience they are the worst ones. Again work with the professionals who have access to tools providing you with information on specific keywords and the number of clicks that they attract, also find out...

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Online Competitor Analysis Explained

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Online competitor analysis allows you to compare your website’s performance to that of your competitors. An online competitor analysis is an extremely useful research tool, which can provide you with an insight into your competitors’ online marketing strategies. Conducting a competitor analysis on a regular basis will definately give you an edge in the cyber environment. Benefits of a competitor analysis A competitor analysis will help you understand your Competitors’ strengths and weaknesses. Strategic use of online business intelligence will strengthen your competitive advantage and will improve your business decisions. Benefits of a competitor analysis include: Learn the organic keywords that competitors are targeting and the rankings they are achieving Identify their paid search strategies, keywords, ads and landing pages Work out your competitors estimated monthly online marketing budgets Identify your competitors email marketing campaigns See which of your competitors are doing social media marketing Some factors to consider when conducting a competitor analysis Backlinks – The number of external links pointing to your competitors webpages Domain age – Check the age of a domain PPC – Always check for the keywords, landing pages & ads that your competitors are using Website Traffic – can give you an indication of what your competitors are getting Inbound Link Anchor Text – This will tell you the type of keywords your competitors are trying to promote for their website Some useful Competitor Analysis Tools Here are some of the tools you can use to analyse your online competitors Google insights – This will show you keywords that are popular and most popular regions of interest Google trends – gives you an estimation of the amount and type of traffic to a particular site. It also offers a listing of search terms used to reach that site. SEO Elite – this tool will tell you the number of links that are pointing to your competitor’s websites. Please follow and like...

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